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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review



Xiaomi celebrated its 8th anniversary with the introduction of the Mi 8 flagship, MIUI 10, and Mi Band 3 portable. As a smartphone aficionados, we were pleased to see a new phone with Snapdragon 845 and whatnot, but the band kept us buzzing a few days later.

Apparently, the gadget was a hit on its home market, because when we were at the Mi Store in Shanghai two weeks later, the clerk declared unfortunately that all Mi Band 3 units were sold.

Eventually, the device managed to reach our office, so here are our impressions.


The package is a simple white box with a transparent lid without surprises inside – a soft band, Mi Band 3 itself and a small USB dongle for charging. Fortunately, if you own Mi Band 2, you can use the charger interchangeably – but Mi Band 3 is hardly a device that requires frequent charging.


Unpacking it, you notice the larger screen – it is OLED and grew from 0.42 "to 0.78". The front is bent for better aesthetics and nothing else, because not the whole thing is touch-sensitive, just a small rectangle in the middle.

The device managed to grow in size, but the band has the same footprint, so even if you can not place Mi Band 2, you have the same size on your wrist.

The HR sensor developed and is now faster and more accurate, according to Xiaomi. There is also an accelerometer used to count your steps. If you are the kind of person driving with all types of electronics on your body, do not trust Mi Band 3, because its purpose is daily use, does not help you prepare for the Skyrunning World Series.

In summary, Xiaomi followed the old saying "If it's not broken, do not fix it". It worked perfectly well and nothing big came with – only minor improvements.


The screen is the biggest change on Mi Band 3. Now you can swipe up and down, left and right to review the panels – pedometer, distance, calories burned, battery capacity, weather forecast, exercise recording.

It takes a day or two to learn how the button works – a crane will get you to the home screen with the clock, a long button activates the selected option.

We have to give it to Xiaomi to make the button on Mi Band 3 slightly curved – it's less intrusive to the eye, compared to the predecessor.


After we touched on the different things you can do with the band, let's get into details. Heart rate can be measured at certain intervals so that you can monitor it throughout the day. This is neat not only by seeing how your heart rate changes during different activities, but what situations are your blood killing, so you can stop being involved in them.

The pedometer algorithm is more accurate when you participate in sports. There are real-time distances, lengths and other related metrics pop on the small screen. Thanks to 5ATM and IP67 ratings you can swim and cycle without worrying about water or sweat.

There is the ability to measure your weight, but it works better with a Mi scale, otherwise you must trace each measurement manually, and this kills the whole sense of smart connection.

Overall view
Heart rate during the day
profile Menu
Mi Band 3 Menu

Overall view • Heart rate data • Profile menu • Mi Band 3 Menu

Sleeping the monitor is something our team swears into. The new Mi Fit app follows your sleep schedule and REM, and explains it with fair pictures. When you have spent enough days, you will get suggestions when is the best time to lay in bed.

Last sleep cycle
Sleep bikes a day
More sleep data
There is even one share option

Last cycling cycle • Sleep bikes per day • More sleep data • There is also a share option

Here's a little personal perception – since I work with smartphones during the day, I leave my Pixel 2 XL out of the bedroom during the night. My sole depends on an alarm clock, but I get up the road earlier than her so I have Mi Band 3 to wake me up with a gentle buzz (who does not feel so mild or buzz if you're in a deep sleep but still job).

idle caution
Incoming call Alert
Lift your wrist to show information
Display Settings

Inactive Alert • Incoming Call Alert • Lift the wrist to display information • Display settings

Like all smart wearables, Mi Band 3 also reads messages and notifies you of conversation. If you turn off, you can get some more juice from the battery, as it vibrates less often.

Battery life

Xiaomi did an incredible job with Mi Band 2 and its battery life. By making Mi Band 3 a bit bigger, capacity also increased to 110 mAh. Of course, the touchscreen needs a little more power, but it's easy to go over two weeks without having to connect it.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is made to track the basics of your everyday life, while minimizing your life. It's light, discreet and elegant with a good battery life, making it perfect.

As I mentioned, you should not expect a $ 29 device to be the best help in preparing the New York Marathon. But for a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and a sleeper wrapper wrapped in a compact 20g shell, it's as good as you can expect.

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