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This completely electric classic Ford Mustang will redefine the muscle car

November 16, 2018

The Charge Mustang is a 402hp allelectric muscle car that delivers classic appearance through modern technology. It is now twice as fast as the most potent Mustang period.

We can not be fascinated by classic auto-electric transformations, because not only these projects inject new life into classic screaming for restoration, but in many cases adds extra performance. A Mustang in Old School is not so fast, much to the disappointment of childhood dream, but British Company Charge has a zero-release agent for the American icon.

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Before a few purists screaming blue murder about how this project destroyed a perfect Mustang, this is a body shell in the reproduction of a 1960s design – a very good man we can add. Clearly taking some styling tips from Eleanor Mustang's body weight from the movie Gone in 60 seconds, this seductive unwanted fast-back muscle car is safe on the side.

Under its classic bodywork is a modern adaptive drive wheel drive that can eradicate the power of all four wheels for maximum traction at launch, or spoil the rear wheels exclusively.

Details about the electric motors themselves have not yet been released, but we know they are good for 402hp and 885lb ft torque in total. Naught-62mph is sent in just 3.1 seconds; make it 3.4 seconds faster to 62mph than even the potent Shelby GT500 KR in the same period. A full charge gives you 124 miles depending on how heavy your right foot is. Taming that speed is a set of high performance brakes hiding behind the 10-spoke alloy wheels.

The interior also receives extensive modifications to create a thoroughly modern cabin. Gone are the many knobs and knobs and in their place is a large touchscreen console. Less characteristic? Maybe, but the iPad-like screen adds a lot of functionality and allows you to fine tune the car's setting.

Pricing and availability are still unaffected, but we will keep an eye on Charge Mustang because it has really given interest to the AutoClassics office …

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