Thursday , July 29 2021

The councilors deny fear of blackout

AMID Power Distribution War, told residents in Iloilo City that they would not worry about the alleged threatening power outages throughout the city.

Panay Electric Company (PECO), which for decades has been the only power distributor of Iloilo City, said earlier that it would stop operating in January 2019 if it did not renew its congress franchise to distribute electricity.

"We should not be afraid that Peco is mourning for blackout because authorities have assured the people of Iloilo City that there will be no power blackout," said Joshua Alim, city council member in Iloilo.

Alim, one of those who led the organized resistance to the renewal of PECO's franchise, said that PECO simply extorted Congress and Malacañang to give it a new franchise with the threat of killing Iloilo in the dark.

PECO Legal Adviser Inocencio Ferrer said earlier in radio interviews that Ilonggos should blame the House and the Senate for a citywide blackout to occur next year.

The lawyer said that the Senate should return to MORE Powers franchise application to the Chamber, as the competing company has no experience and assets for power distribution services.

Ferrer also insisted that PECO will not sell its assets to its competitor MORE Electric and Power Corp. and would investigate all legal means to prevent the expropriation of its distribution lines and systems with MORE Power.

Alim said that Ferer's struggle only showed PECO's desperation because it could no longer secure the new franchise from the Congress.

Alim pointed out that PECO failed to apply for a new franchise approved by the House and the Senate because of its "long record of poor service and abuse of its status as a monopoly".

In conjunction with the hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Services in October 22, the Ministry of Energy, represented by Antonio Barcelona, ​​proposed that the final bill granting the MER Power franchise should allow for automatic disposal of assets in the existing distribution tool to ensure continuous power supply.

The Energy Agency (ERC) also studies legal options to ensure that there will be continuous power supply in Iloilo City.

"PECO is arrogant as usual without concern for the welfare of Iloilo residents. This type of abuse and arrogance is no longer acceptable to Congress and the Senate approves the franchise for a new distribution company – MORE Power", Plaridel Nava appointed in one of the hearings.

"For 95 years, they have been insulting, arrogant, they do not deserve a single moment to stay in the city of Iloilo, which is why we welcome more. We do not know any of them, but Iloilo City needs a power distributor who can deal with the problems that can be consumer friendly, says Nava.

Earlier, MER Power and Electric Co. as extortion Ferrer's statements that PECO will cease to work in January 2019 if it does not renew its congress franchise,

In a statement, MORE Power and Electric Co. PECO's own problems "because of their arrogance, inutility and abuse of their monopolized activities and self-centered service."

PECO's application for a franchise renewal remains in the representative's committee for congress franchise.

On the other hand, MER Power has secured the House and Senate Committee for Public Services led by Senator Grace Poe.

In an earlier interview, PECO President Luis Miguel Cacho assured Ilonggo Society that "we will definitely continue to work for as long as we can because we love our citizens Ilonggos and we will not abandon Iloilo City".

But, if there is no franchise and government, through the rule of law, will realistically allow PECO to work, PECO can not work even though it really intends to earn Iloilo City's power distribution needs, "Ferrer said.

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