Tuesday , June 22 2021

Sabrina Teenage Witch gets a new, less chilling comic

Sabrina flies high in her latest comic book.
Bild: Veronica Fish (Archie Comics)

The excellent gothic horror of Chilling adventure of Sabrina Perhaps only catapults everyone's favorite teens to new heights due to its spotty Netflix adaptation, but Sabrina returns to his less scary roots on the Archie Comics thanks to a new series that is heard back to a time before the freezing.

Long before Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack's star-shaped Archie Horror series depicted Sabrina as a Satan-hailing wielder of dark arts, the character, like the rest of her friends in Riverdale, was the star in a more easy range of series. Sabrina Spellman has enchanted comic book readers since the 70's, and the roots are those returned to Kelly Thompson and Veronica Fish's new five-part minisets, titled Sabrina Teenage Witch.

Located in the neighboring Greendale (and in the modern restart Archie continuity, unlike cooling) Sabrina will introduce us to Salem's witchy cat and Sabrina aunt Hilda and Zelda, while balancing it with Sabrina's everyday life as a young school player, as she teaches lessons about not only teens without life as supernatural protection.

The fish's character design for Sabrina is just wonderful.
Bild: Veronica Fish (Archie Comics)

As beautiful as cooling is-when Aguirre-Sacasa can find time to come back to writing it, between working on both Riverdale and coolingNetflix customization-It's cool to see that Archie takes a similar attitude to the classic Sabrina as it did with the very successful modernization of Archie. These two versions of Sabrina can absolutely exist and hello if you were expecting something more like the Melissa Joan Hart series when you first heard of a Sabrina Netflix series, just to find something completely unpleasant, maybe this new comedy might be more up in your alley.

Sabrina Teenage Witch is set to kick off March 27, 2019-with Archie Comics notes that if fans take to Thompson and Fish's version of Sabrina, the series has the chance to evolve from a miniseries to a full-time comedian.

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