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Meteorregn on 21-22 November »Manila Bulletin News


By Ellalyn de Vera-Ruiz

Leonid's meteor shower, one of the most active meteor cities in the year, will be visible in most parts of the country late November 21 until dawn on November 22.

A meteor stretches over stars in the night sky over Leeberg's hill during Perseid meteor shower in Grossmugl, Austria. (Reuters | MANILA BULLETIN)


According to the Philippine atmospheric, geophysical and astronomical services administration (PAGASA) meteor shower can be seen over a period of approximately two days centered on early morning hours on November 22nd.

It is noted that Leonid's meteor shower will radiate from constellation Leo and can be observed on the eastern horizon.

But unlike previous years where it produced hundreds of meteors, astronomers and experts do not predict many meteors this year.

A zenith of about 15 meteors can occur in late hours from November 21 until dawn of the following day.
Leonid's meteor shower is created by pieces of junk left behind the rehearsal passages through the inner solar system of the comet 55P / Tempel-Tuttle.
Similarly, this month, PAGASA said that the stunning W star stars of stars called Cassiopeia, Draco, Urma minor or Little Bear constellations, including the constellations Perseus and Camelopardalis, will be a good target for astrophotography.

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