Wednesday , October 5 2022

Man City boss Pep Guardiola was pleased to have had an annual highlight in Lyon


Pep Guardiola congratulated his players for a good job job after coming twice to draw 2-2 with Lyon.

The French team, who had pulled a shock victory at Etihad in the group's opening game, had Blues all night in front of a lively crowd that was close to 60,000 and became frustrated that they could not stand the win.

It was a jolt in the City system, which has been used to steam-rolling opponents at home.

But while one point was not enough to secure the top tie, it confirms the Champions League qualification for Blues and books its place in the vote of December for the past 16 years.

In terms of the manager, the assignment was achieved.

"Personally, the qualification for the past 16 is the happiest day between August and December because we can now play the Premier League and the cups and prepare for February," he said.

"We need the team to compete against the top 16 teams in Europe."

Guardiola's elation at the qualification is emphasized by how hard he thinks the competition is. City has been heavy favorites in every game they have come in and were favorites with the bookies to win the tournament before a ball was kicked.

Declare Lyon as one of the best teams he has met – he said the same thing about Naples last season – the manager spoke with the competitiveness of the league.

"The Champions League showed me again it's another race," he said.

"The players are better, so when you hit and you do something they do not lose the ball, they make an extra pass. The requirements are so high, they have weapons on set pieces, defensively so strong, they have quality on the front. Therefore, as people say it's easy for Manchester City in the Champions League, you can not imagine how confused people are.

"You do not have time. You can lose games in the Premier League and still have 38 games to go. Here's the enormous quality in 90 and 180 minutes. They punish your mistakes. It's a completely different competition. game with the best teams in CL, we would have time but mentally it is completely different.

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"After losing the first game this was not a surprise, we have a game left and in February we will be there. Another year for City and now we can focus on Premier League and other competitions and try to arrive in February with all fits and is ready to compete against the best 16 teams in Europe. "

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