Friday , August 19 2022

LTFRB issues 2,365 ticket guides for jeepney operators »Manila Bulletin News



By Alexandria Dennise San Juan

More than 2,000 price arrays have been issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to Jeepney Operators in Metro Manila, Central Luzon and Southern Luzon, allowing them to introduce the newly approved fare increase.

LTFRB said that a total of 2,365 ticket guides were already distributed from Monday at their three regional offices and at the central office.

PUJ operators match the LTFRB office in Quezon City to get the new ticket matrix that reflects 10 pesos minimum cost and new rates for travel over 4 kilometers (ALVIN KASIBAN / MANILA BULLETIN)

PUJ operators match the LTFRB office in Quezon City to get the new ticket matrix that reflects 10 pesos minimum fare and new fares for trips over 4 kilometers (ALVIN KASIBAN / MANILA BULLETIN)

A total of 803 ticket guides have been issued at LTFRB's headquarters, while 717 ticket arrays were distributed at Region 3, 566 in Region 4 and 279 at Central Office.

Meanwhile, the board of directors advised operators to release NCR matrix at LTFRB Central Office due to limited space and influx of operators requesting matrix matrix at the NCR office.

Jeepney operators from the aforementioned regions flocked to various LTFRB offices after the chairman of the board Martin Delgra reminded them of "no ticket guide, no ticket increase", which means that PUJ drivers must secure a matrismatris first to charge the new ticket hike.

Last month, the Board approved a P2 increase in the price of PUJ in Metro Manila and regions 3 and 4 in line with the request made by transport groups in September 2017.

The Board has also granted a preliminary ticket sales of P1 to commuter buses in Metro Manila, and another P0.15 per kilometer fee for provincial buses.

Since the implementation of the decision on ticket prices falls to a holiday on November 2, most operators failed to apply for a ticket guide that delayed the introduction of the P10 minimum price.

When distributing the new ticket guides, the LTFRB manager reminded drivers that they sent the certified true copy, the carrier's signature, and a seal on their PUV where passengers can easily see it.

Delgra also told drivers to give a 20 percent discount on elderly people, people with disabilities and students.

He repeated that the students are entitled to discounted rates even on weekends and holidays, as long as they have their student identification cards.

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