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Cruises: Disney cruise ships have a codeword for when someone does a boy in the pool Cruise ship | Trip


Cruise ships are a popular holiday option for families traveling with children because there is plenty of abilities to keep small entertainments.

There are always plenty of cruise ship workers who can help keep track of children or help if something goes wrong.

It is important that employees do not unnecessarily alert passengers so that they often use secret codewords to communicate with each other.

It is a word in particular that you do not want to hear when traveling on a cruise ship with young people.

It has been revealed that workers on Disney Cruise Line have a codeword that they use if a child goes to school in a pool.

This is called "Code Winnie" and will warn colleagues to touch the pool water.

Fortunately, Disney Cruise Line is the only cruise company to provide lifeguards on board so it's likely to be seen clearly.

This is far from the only code word that cruise ship workers use themselves.

A very common code is "PVI" which accounts for general vomiting incidences.

Travel expert Brandon Presser revealed to Bloomberg that while on a cruise ship for a week, he called a total of three PVIs.

Traveling to Mexico, combining unregulated drinking on land with Mexican tap water, seems to mean that PVI is quite inevitable.

Codewords can often be used to warn colleagues on board, but sometimes they are in relation to how workers feel about board aboard.

Many cruise workers trust tips and salvation to form an essential part of their salary.

Cruise crew have a codeword, especially they use with colleagues when referring to stiff passengers.

It has been found that cruise workers will call a passenger a "banana" if they are a bad tipper.

Passengers will never guess what the staff mean when they hear this fruity nickname, making it a perfect code among employees.

Code words sometimes have more tragic associations – for example, when someone dies on board a ship.

When someone passes the message "Operation Bright Star" is done, which warns the crew to a passenger's death.

A special alarming codeword can initially sound fun, but when you discover the true meaning, you realize that it is far from good news.

The code "red parties" means there is a possible fire aboard the ship.

This message will be followed by details of where on the ship the fire is to warn other crew.

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