Tuesday , July 5 2022

We want to progress in democracy





His commitment to pass Peru's social pact through the fight against corruption and the promotion of regional development confirmed state leader Martín Vizcarra, who also claims that we should never talk about a cabin in the country again

On the 148th anniversary of the political creation of the province of Dos de Mayo (Huánuco region), from the district of La Unión, the President recalled that, when he took office on March 23 this year, in his message to the Nation of the Republic of Congress, he proclaimed the commitment to build a social pact for two reasons: fight corruption and promote the development of the country.


"We fight corruption and generate development," says the dignitar and notes that seven months ago, different discussions have been generated because some think you can not do both at the same time.

"Yes, you can do both at the same time, and this is the demonstration: we generate development projects for the country and fight for corruption on the head at the same time. That's what the population asks for and that's what we're going to do for you," he stressed during the signing of contract for the improvement and conservation of the Huánuco-La Unión-Huallanca corridor.


The head of state stated that his government decided to promote important constitutional changes to lay the foundations for political reform and the judicial system in the country. Therefore, by December 9, the population decides the four reforms proposed by Executive Power.

"Step by step, we will improve our institutions, thereby combating corruption," he stressed and assured that the proposals for transcendental changes in the constitution cause a "political noise" and they also generate transcendence and "false information" trying to create instability in the population.

The last long weekend he said: "We have received very bad information, they have talked about a coup, how irresponsible. We Peruvians defend democracy, and I, as first president, are the first to defend democracy, the constitution and the independence of power, and you is with me. "

"Let no one ever talk about a coup for ever, because we want to progress in democracy. Democracy allows us to be right with you, allowing us to fight corruption and allows us to fake the development of our country that we are want, "he said.

Social work

President Martín Vizcarra said that he works every day to improve the living conditions of Peruans through the implementation of important social and infrastructure work together with the members of the Council of Ministers, with whom he travels to different regions of the country to make the reality projects for the Peruvians. In this context, the head of state said that with an investment of more than 1 241 million soles, the construction of the important road Huánuco-La Unión-Huallanca will be started, which will link Sierra with Costa and Selva in the country, and it will have an extension in more than 150 kilometers.


The Huánuco-La Union-Huallanca road axle will be carried out in five sections, has flexible sidewalks, berms and lanes as well as 24 bridges.

In addition, it will have a drainage system in accordance with the properties of the area, which consists of roof gutters, relievers and passengers, as well as speed shocks in specific areas and river defense infrastructure, among other things.

The road will promote commercial exchange between the residents of La Unión, beef and veal producers, potatoes, corn and corn, with the Huánuco and Áncash markets.

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