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Tips and tricks for Apple Watch


Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Three years and four series later, it's clear that Apple Watch is here to stay, but do you utilize all the features of Apple's famous smart clock? Here are 18 tips and tricks for Apple Watch – many of them will work on all models – helping you get the most out of it.

1) Change the volume of your AirPods

Do you have a pair of AirPods with your Apple Watch or iPhone? Do you want to change the volume from your wrist? Take a look at your watch to see what's playing and turn the digital crown to raise or lower the volume (it's much more comfortable than using the phone).

2) hug more life on the battery

Increase battery life for your Apple See a bit by stopping programs running in the background (as you would on your phone): From the Apple Watch application on your iPhone, press My watch, general and Update in 2nd plan to disable it in some applications or in all of them.

3) Call your iPhone

If you have lost your iPhone around your house, your Apple Watch can help you find it: Slide up from the watch face and then press the button Search iPhone so it emits a sound and you can locate it. Press and hold the button to turn on the phone's LED light as well.

4) Take pictures with your Apple Watch

Most people have already discovered this, but it's one of the best tripples Apple Watch has, so if it's: Open the camera application on your iPhone and the camera application on your Apple Watch and you're done. You can now use the clock as a trigger.

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5) check your dream

Apple Watch can not control the quality of your sleep in any significant way right now, but there are a variety of third-party applications that can help you. Some of the best we've seen are Pillow (freemium), AutoSleep Tracker ($ 3), Sleep Watch (freemium) and Sleep ++ (freemium).

6) You can look better on your Apple Watch

Do not fight with a text size so small that you can barely read: Apple Watch lets you adjust the text size of watchOS. From the Apple Watch app, select My watch and then brightness and Text Size to make the necessary adjustments.

7) Share your location

Sharing your current location can be useful for meeting friends or keeping your family up to date, and you can do it from your Apple Watch: touch the screen and then select a message in the dialog Send location on the menu.

8) Check the use of Apple Watch data

If you have Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4, you can connect directly to the phone network. To check how much data you've used, open the Watch app and press My watch and after phone to find out

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

9) Turn off your Apple Watch quickly

If you need to quickly turn off your watch during a meeting or when watching a movie, just put your hand on it. However, you must first make sure this option is enabled: press Miy clock, Sound and vibrationthen Cover silence in the Watch application on your iPhone.

10) Ask him to show the latest app you used

If you prefer to see the program you used when you enabled Apple Watch (if you check your training, for example) you can easily do it: press configuration on your watch then generalthen Enable the screen, and select View the latest app when you lift the screen.

11) Check the time subtly

Lifting your wrist is the usual way to wake up Apple Watch and see what time it's (something basic for any clock), but what if you want to do it in a more subtle way? Slowly turn the digital crown on the side of the clock to light up the screen.

12) Change the frequency of warnings

By default, Apple Watch flips twice every time there are new messages, but maybe you just need a warning, or you may want to remind yourself of other things. In the Apple Watch program, go to My watch, notifications, posts and there you can customize your own ads.

13) Change the strength of haptic warnings.

When talking about wrist messages, one can also change the strength of haptic responses for individual warnings when they arrive. You may prefer that a Facebook message just vibrates something, for example, while Snapchat has a much stronger response.

To do this, open My watch within the Apple Watch application, then select Sound and vibration and then choose what type of alert you want to change. To make the tactile response stronger in all applications, go to configuration on your Apple Watch and play Sound and vibration and special.

14) Share your activity

Sharing your business with friends and family can give you the necessary boost to motivate you. From application activity On your iPhone, press part, then press the button more (top right) and type contacts or select them from the list.

With the latest updates iOS 12 and watchOS 5, you can also challenge friends and family to a weekly competition. Drag left from Activity App for your Apple Watch, and then tap the name of a contact: select compete and then press the button invite to start the challenge.

15) Force restart

If your Apple Watch stops responding, you can force the device to restart by pressing and holding the digital crown and sidebar for 10 seconds (release when you see the Apple logo). Just use it as a last resort and never while watchingOS is up to date.

16) Unlock your Mac

If you just bought a new Apple Watch, you may not be aware of this trick, which can make your life much more comfortable: you can use your laptop to unlock your Mac, instead of entering your password as long as you drive macOS 10.12 Saw or later.

On the menu apple from your Mac, click System Settings and then in Security and integrity. Open the tab general and check the box Let your Apple Watch unlock your Mac. You must also have two-step authentication enabled for your Apple ID (you can see this).

17) View the programs as a list

The Standard Bubble Network on the Apple Watch Home screen does not fit for all tastes, and if you want, you can change it with a list: press hard on the home screen, select list and that's it. Of course, you can not change the order of applications, it's always alphabetical.

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