Sunday , October 24 2021

They transplant lung of smokers and die of cancer


A patient with cystic fibrosis however, in France, two years after transplanting lung of a smoker.

According to Noticieros Televisa portal, the specialized newspaper Lung Cancer reported to 2015, doctors They chose to make one transplantation, although the database reported that the lungs had heard of a woman, 57 years old, who smoked a cigarette package every day for 30 years.

"According to medical oncologists at the University Hospital in Montpellier, France, when the donor died, no deviations were reported, later learned that the victim in 2017 died of lung cancer without being able to practice any treatment ", described in the mail.

"The cancer was greatly accelerated due to the immunosuppressive treatments received by the patient to prevent her new lungs from being rejected," explained the doctors.

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