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They suggest that Winter Street could get new planets out of order

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Updated on 11/12/2018 – 09:14

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London, 11/12/2018 (The People Online) – A group of scientists have discovered what may be two floating planets, which do not circle around any star, in the Milky Way, highlights RT

According to new research, a region in the Melkweg galaxy, known as the galactic bolt, can host a planet like the size of Neptune, while in the galaxy there may be another planet with a mass similar to the Earth. But given the difficulty of locating planets without stars, it is not yet clear how big these planetary planets really are.

The study gives strength to the idea that small planets are much more common in Winter Street than stars, stressed Daily Mail.

Finding planets that do not circle around a star is a difficult task, because the discovery of exoplanets is often based on variations in brightness that arise as they cross the star. Without fluctuations in the light of the stars, it is necessary to use a technique called gravitational microlensation to detect the planets.

Although the presence of the two planets has not yet been confirmed, researchers say that the discovery would be consistent with predicted planet formation theories.

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