Tuesday , June 28 2022

Super Junior wants to sing with "Luismi"


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It is considered to be the most famous Korean group worldwide and now Super Junior wants to work with artists such as Luis Miguel or Shakira. In an interview, members confirmed that after singing their version of the song "Ahora te marcha", they would like to collaborate with more Latin American artists.

"We realized that there are many artists we would like to collaborate with, either Shakira or Ricky Martin, whom we previously knew for their music. On this occasion we studied a lot about Latin music and we realized that in Mexico there are also many young artists who is good at music and, if there is an opportunity, we would like to work with them, "explained Yesung.

When asked if they would consider singing together with El Sol, everyone's face changed and they laughed with emotion: "Of course we have that idea and we would not hesitate to do it! If there is the opportunity to do that, it's at least something Christmas or what it is, we want to do it. We not only like Luis Miguel's fast songs, we have seen that he has the deep feelings of his songs and there are many genres he is trying. We would love to work with him, "said Choi Si -Won.

The South Korea boy band, who visits the capital to perform at the Telehit concert for 25 years, also returned to the capital to celebrate 13 years of care, its members appreciate the Mexican audience's affection and welcome, after confirming it's warm and expressive.

At the same time, they feel they have had a great responsibility to not disappoint them.

Leeteuk explained that one of the hardest things they've been through in their 13-year career is temporarily separated from their peers when they have to fulfill a duty with their country.

"In Korea there is military service that someone has to meet and it's hardest to overcome. All Super Junior members have gone one by one, next year, the last one will be back and we will all be complete."

This way of thinking was what Leeteuk a few days ago received an invitation from Stanford University. It was the first time a Kpop singer participated in an event at the school that filled him with pride.

"I was very grateful that I was able to give that speech at the university, that was a very big opportunity. I wanted to stress a lot that you can share with the next generation younger people and join them, that's the message we want to convey to young, to me it was very important to share such a message, he said.

Siwon stressed that more than one pressure to please the Latino market feels that they have been given a major responsibility because their music and actions are taken as an introductory letter from their country in other parts of the world.

"More than pressure, we feel responsible for this market and a lot of feelings. Each gesture and every act we represent represents a company's artists and also the people of Korea," says Siwon.

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