Saturday , September 18 2021

Strengthen prevention of respiratory diseases in Michoacán

"It's important that children, adults and pregnant women, in order to avoid sudden temperature changes, warm up when they go out in the open, especially during the first and last hours of the day."

At the beginning of the cold season in Michoacán, there have been more than 560 thousand cases of respiratory diseases, a number that corresponds to 15 percent less than those recorded in the past year to the same date.

In order to avoid the increase of respiratory diseases or outbreaks of influenza, the health secretary of Michoacan will intensify prevention and epidemiological surveillance informed the head of dependence Diana Carpio Ríos.

"Prevention and care will be strengthened among patients who will consult hospitals and health centers for all respiratory conditions," he said.

In an interview, the official explained that due to the epidemiological disruption in week 43, an accumulated 560,000 296 cases of respiratory disease occurred in the company, which corresponds to 15.7 percent less than last year, where they recorded 665,000 361 cases.

As the winter season increases by up to 10 percent, with rhinopharyngitis or common catarrh as one of the most common diseases affecting children under five years, Carpio primarily urged the population to take extreme precautions, not self-medicate and go to be vaccinated against flu.

He explained that the Ministry of Health is continuously training its staff on measures to prevent and control acute respiratory infections, hypothermia, diarrhea and poisoning of carbon monoxide and butangas that may occur during the winter season.

"It's important for children, adults and pregnant women, to avoid sudden temperature changes, heat up when they expire, especially during today's first and last hours, do not go barefoot and it is advisable to increase the consumption of foods rich in C vitamin ", says Carpio Ríos.

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