Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sporting Cristal: Emanuel Herrera Never Fails | Decentralized Tournament 2018 | The 2018 final | Sports


The Sporting Cristal fan has logged in most games his team has played this year. The one who has given these special moments has his own name: Emanuel Herrera. Yesterday in the arena Alberto Gallardo He was not the exception for making a double in the 6-0 victory over Ayacucho FC and scored 36 goals in the season and is just one to reach the record. Eduardo Esidio (former university player who scored 37 points).

At the 15th of the first half, Herrera made 1-0 through a good penalty. Carlos Lobatón expanded account at 29 & # 39;. In the second half, Josepmir Ballón he scored 3-0 at 8 & # 39; Marcos Lopez continued the victory of 12 & # 39; who scored 4-0. After a definition of "hat" put "Tanken" 5-0. Finally Christopher Olivares He sealed the win three minutes from the end, which ended with applause for the painter.

I knew that …

– Sporting Cristal threw Ayacucho FC 5-0 and won the title Tournament Advertising and Bookings in the absence of three dates. This gives two points to the first team in the accumulated table. On the other hand, in Cajamarca, Comerciantes Unidos and UTC bound without goals.

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