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Referendum in the referendum 2018 | ONPE: Where do I have to vote? CHECK HERE your vote for the referendum 2018 | Society


On December 9, the referendum in 2018 will take place in our country, a popular referendum, where four key issues will be addressed to the public about the reforms presented by the CEO on specific issues. In this respect, the National Office for Electoral Processing (ONPE) reported that the same process will be maintained for this process. Board which was elected in municipal elections held in October.

At the beginning of October this year, the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, informed the public in the official interview for the referendum in 2018. We must remember that the consultation will take place the same day in the second round of regional elections from 2018.

Where do I have to vote? Check your voting spot referendum 2018

If you are one of those who still do not know yours voting place For the 2018 referendum, follow the following steps.

Remember that the day of voting will be able to vote in the same place where you exercise your voting rights Regional and municipal elections 2018 On October 7, however, other points abroad will be possible for those who live outside the country.

"The new election would also count with a million Peruvians living abroad." The only variation that would be confirmed would be if young people reaching 18 (the age of voting) were included until December 9th, when the referendum would take place, "explained Pilar Biggio, Head of Information and Currency Formation of ONPE.

To know your vote for 2018 referendum, state (HERE)

How do I know if I am a member of the vote in the 2018 referendum?

As stated in the election, the same appointed board members will be held Regional and municipal elections 2018 by October 7, and it will be incorporating the new citizens drawn.

We should remember that ONPE has already attracted a lot of board members who will integrate the 3 604 voting tables authorized for Peruvians abroad and for young people who reach the majority until December 9, 2018 the referendum day and the second regional return.

Can I change my polling ground for voting?

ONPE enabled voters to change their polling point and choose among other options. The citizens chose theirs voten closer to their homes during the corresponding period, which expired on Saturday 30 June. On voters, ONPE informed them of their chosen polling station by email to the address they registered at the time of registration.

On the other hand, people who failed to change location and not send email, get this information via the regular form by opening the official ONPE website:

When was the last referendum in Peru?

the latest referendum in the country took place on Sunday, October 3, 2010. The process attempted to determine the payment of FONAVI (National Housing Fund) which approves or fails "Draft Law for Return of FONAVI Money to the Employees contributing to it."

What are the referendums?

The 2019 referendum will be held to consult more than 24 million Peruvians for the approval of four constitutional reforms proposed by the Executive Director: the Constitution and functions of the National Justice Board, the regulation of the funding of political organizations, the immediate re-election of parliamentarians and the return of the Republic congressional bikamerality.

1. Do you approve of the constitutional reform of the judiciary's conformation and functions before the Magistratin's National Council?

2. Approve the constitutional reform that regulates the funding of political organizations?

3. Do you consider the constitutional reform that prohibits the immediate re-election of the Republican parliamentarians?

4. Approve the constitutional reform that establishes the bicamerality of the Republic of Congress?

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