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Photos | These are the first images sent by the InSight probe from Mars


"Feel the heart" of March is the main objective of InSight module, the first mission of NASA who specifically wants to study the interior and composition of the red planet, which landed successfully on the Mars surface.

"I know you, Mars, and soon I will feel your heart, with this safe landing I'm here., declared on Twitter, with a romance that is not typical of the most advanced technology, the module InSight, who has broadcast live and in this social network his space adventure.

After a long wait to bite the nails and look without blinking at the control room screens, the technicians and researchers from Propulsion Laboratory of the NASA In Pasadena they received the signal with great pleasure InSight It had landed on Mars.

NASA celebrated successful landing

The collective hugs and applause without stop then took the lead in a room where the staff in NASA, after a single superstition, ate peanuts to better support the launch plate and wish for InSight's luck.

The administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, noted with great satisfaction that it is "an incredible day" for the agency and also acknowledged the contribution of the American international partners. in this mission.

"And what's fascinating is that when you look at it, you think," Every achievement is something that happened eight minutes earlier (so it takes a Mars signal to travel to Earth). "So it's exciting but you also have to take a step back and realize that what you see has already happened, it's a unique, incredible experience," he says.

The seven minutes of terror

In recent days, the experts from NASA they were always talking about "Seven Minutes of Terror", the sensitive and very short phase, in which the module had to go through the martensatmosphere at nearly 20,000 kilometers per hour to speed up suddenly to about five kilometers just before landing.

InSight Not only did he note his landing, which meant a combined parachute and "retro-rocket" process, but he almost sent his first photograph from Mars, arriving at the NASA control room at 11:58 local time (19:58 GMT) .

Focusing on previous missions to the red planet, which had focused on studying its surface or atmosphere, InSight's great novelty and feature is that its main purpose is to study the interior of Marsin: its interior and its composition.

The mission for the InSight probe

Researchers believe that there will be more about the inside of March It will help to know more about its formation 4,500 million years ago, as well as to expand the knowledge of the sun's other three inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Earth).

To get to the "heart" of Mars, InSight account, including instruments, with a seismograph and a probe that measure the planet's internal activity and temperature.

In this aspect, the work of a mechanical excavator drilling up to about five meters deep on the Mars surface will be decisive. InSight has landed today on a flat area in Mars called Elysium Planitia, an area considered by experts as relatively safe for an infinite landing.

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