Tuesday , July 5 2022

Peru vs Costa Rica: Keylor Navas would not be called too friendly | Peru | Arequipa | Lima | Costa Rica | San Jose | Spain | Madrid


The goalkeeper in Real Madrid would not reach our country for the duel in Arequipa

the Peruvian selection will meet next November 20 until its similar one of Costa Rica in the monumental stadium of UNSA.

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction in the Tico box is the presence of Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas, the same as being the great absentee in this friendly commitment in Arequipa.

Interim coach in Costa Rica, Ronald Gonzalez said it's likely that goalkeeper Merengue will not reach Peru to dispute the duel by date FIFA.

"The conversation with Keylor (navas) they always present us with a last minute situation. So we are in that fight and we hope to get him to this tour. It may be that he is not called Peru but not just him but also other international players we have, "Costa Rica NexSport coach said.

"We have sent a public conversation to anyone who plays outside Costa Rica but we will talk to each other to see what their reality is, those of us responsible for national teams must sometimes understand the player," he added.

"It will be a very difficult match and we have to work well, although we already know their qualities and we know all the dynamic games they have from the midfield," said the American coach.

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