Friday , October 7 2022

Minedu urges Congress not to replace 14,000 teachers without graduation | Peru


Deputy Minister for Educational Management of the Ministry of Education (UVM), Susana Helfer, asked Congress members not to approve the bill to automatically replace 14,000 teachers without educational title. This document is soon discussed in plenary.

"Peru has long been waiting for high-quality education UVM He appreciates senior teachers and has worked for a permanent improvement of his situation, but the right of students to a good education is superior to all other rights, "said Helfer.

He commented that it would not be fair for teacher who prepares for an exam and believes in the meritocracy to suddenly enter a group of teachers without giving a test and without meeting the necessary conditions immediately into public education.

"The most serious thing is that this would affect the quality of education, because General education career was designed to provide better education for children and young people with teachers who are better educated to achieve the expected learning, "he said.

He stated that the places that had before these 14 thousand teacher Currently they are occupied by other teachers with a degree who passed the corresponding exam. Therefore, these places are no longer available, he noted.

He recalled that the 14 thousand teacher They had almost three decades to get the educational title, but they never did. Yet in 2012 they received another two years so that they could present their degrees and join the public education department. But few adjusted their situation.

He said that despite this, in 2014 UVM He called an extraordinary survey and of the 14,000 only about five thousand were presented, although those passing were over 500, which showed that the majority did not have the appropriate level.

As a result, they were removed from the education department so that their places could be filled by teachers who have passed the exam General education career, according to law, he added.

"The UVM He does not want to take out teachers without having qualified teachers who respond to students' needs and offer them a good education, "added Helfer.

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