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Johanna San Miguel: "They Tell Me Chibolera and I'm Laughing"

November 10, 2018 5:00 PM

The mature actress, Johanna San Miguel, returns to unipersonal with She seeks a man inside where she plays passages in her life, like romance with Stefano SalviniShe says she does not regret anything she did, it's more, she's taking everything now with humor and waiting for her ex to see her.

– You asked Stefano to talk about the relationship they had?

-I did not ask permission, he is my friend, I said, "This happens to me, what do you think?" And he said "give it to me". When you talk about someone you need your consent, I'm having fun talking about the stage we live.

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-He assured that he will go see you at the theater …

– (Laughter) If you want to go, imagine, is a recontra guest. There is a moment where I play the subject that I was with a boy 25 years younger, they say chibolera and a man can be with a girl of 20. There is a lot of taboo on that topic, that's why I put it on my show, they say chibola and I laugh

-You also talk about the controversies you were involved in.

"I'm talking about everything in my show, I take it with a lot of humor, I do not feel bad, all good or bad is something positive.

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-Johanna, are you currently with a partner?

-I'm single and lonely I'm with myself several years ago, I'm the best company, it's also true to be alone, sometimes it's your own destructive weapon and make you come out to the water, it's nothing wrong to be alone.

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