Saturday , June 25 2022

Instagram: María Grazia Gamarra Softens With Video Of Her Newborn Daughter | TV | Farándula


Life on María Grazia Gamarra It is no longer the same because it became a mother at the beginning of this month. It's in your account Instagram Stories, the actress showed how her Saturday nights are still fun but in a completely different way.

The main character of the successful "Mi amor el wachimán" recorded his partner, Heinz Gildemeister, when she cooed the newborn Eve.

To the beat of "Nice for What" by Drake, and with candles from a party, the son of former tennis player Laura Arraya hugged the little girl seen in these videos of Instagram:

María Grazia Gamarra maintains a relationship with tennis instructor Heinz Gildemeister, whom she has known for over 10 years, according to her at Instagram through a photograph.

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