Thursday , January 28 2021

He died a rugby player who remained in coma and quadriplegic to eat a slug | world

Eight years ago, the young rugby player Sam Ballard put a party in his home in Sydney, Australia , and with drinks over he accepted the challenge of eating a slug among his friends hub.

"We drank wine and tried to act as an adult when A snail appeared in the garden"reminded Jimmy Galvin, who still regrets that he has not stopped his friend.

But This action had tragic consequences. The sport was in coma for 420 days. Then he had irreparable brain injury that led him to stay quadriplegic.

In addition, the youth had seizures for several years, forced to eat and breathe through pipes and demanded constant attention.

According to article published in Washington Post, when he hit the swallow, Ballard contrasted a rat lungworm called Angiostrongylus cantonensis who lives in rodent and can be transferred to snails and snails. This parasite that entered the body of Sams caused a brain infection called eosinifilic mengocephalitis.

After a long anxiety, Sam Ballard He died last week at 29 years old. His last words were: "I love you."

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