Wednesday , October 27 2021

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly": Third official trailer is leaky and provides much more action [VIDEO] | Sub Español | Online | DBS | YouTube | HD | anime


Today it is They filtered new pictures ofDragon Ball Super. The movie on Broly will look much better than many think in photos You see a high detail on the shadows and forces. Well, if you thought they were unbelievable, you have not seen anything. On top of the note you will find third filtered trailer of the tape in HD.

The preview shows several impressive details and fans of Dragon Ball Super They have asked for their heads. Goku and vegeta has reached Super Siyan God, but nothing seems to stop the mighty Broly.

The new characters in Film They have also been protagonists, even some react surprisingly before the enormous power revealing the three protagonists. This movie will take back several characters from old fairy tales of Dragon ball , such as Ginyu Special Forces.

At the same time was produced Toei Animation, together with Akira Toriyama, decided to rewrite the story of the four children who redefined the story Dragon Ball Super. On the one hand, this Goku, released by his parents to prevent him from dying.

vegeta will fly with his father while Broly will be cursed in an unbearable planet, and will be in the care of Paragus. last freezer absorbs all his evil father King Cold and will destroy Planet Vegita.

From here, born the second story's famous story, thus basing the new one in view Dragon Ball Super , both in sleeve as in anime. Do not forget to share with all your friends new trailer.

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