Wednesday , September 28 2022

Colombian multinational Rappi arrives at Peru after investing $ 10 million | Economy | business


The Colombian e-commerce multinational Rappi made an investment of $ 10 million to start working in Peru with the application Diloo, reported the companies.

"We have worked for a long time to reach an important country like Peru, where we hope to improve the quality of life of users and create unique experiences," says Rappi founder Simón Borrero in a statement.

Rappi will land initially in Lima "with the aim of improving the quality of life of the city's population, leading directly to its home more than 100,000 products or services" requested by the application, the entrepreneur said.

With Peru, there are now seven countries where the Colombian company recently cataloged as "Unicornio" is present exceeds US $ 1,000 million at its capital-generating stage.

In Lima, Borrero says, "Users can order what they want from the more than 150 restaurants DILOO works with, as well as the different vertices that Rappi has from supermarkets and liquor to money."

DILOO is a Peruvian technical tool aimed at improving communication between customers and businesses.

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