Tuesday , August 16 2022

CNM Audio: Judicial Power Ordered Outbreaks for Three Previous Advisers | Policy


The Supreme Court of Investigation Preparatory evaluated Wednesday the fiscal request appearance with restrictions and barriers to exit from the country of Guido Aguila, Iván Noguera and Orlando Velásquez, former members of the Deactivated National Council of Magistrates (CNM).

As is known, the former advisors were involved in the sounds that reported various irregularities in the country's legal system.

The hearing was held at the office 236 in the justice palace. Judge Hugo Núñez interrupted the procedure at 5:45 pm. and restarted it shortly after. to get acquainted with his resolution, the courtesy that lasted until 10:50

Finally, the judge decided to impose an obstacle to leave the country for 18 months for Aguila, Noguera and Velásquez.

Similarly, he explained the requirement for appearance with well-founded restrictions. These shall not be absent from the place where they reside without the authority of the Prosecutor's Office to present themselves to the High Prosecutor's Office on the first working day of each month to report on their business, to attend the tax and judicial authorities when cited, communicate with witnesses of the investigation.

They were also required to pay a deposit of S / 100,000 each to be deposited with the Banco de la Nación within three working days of notification of the legal decision.

As recalled in early October, Congress's plenary session approved dismissal and disqualification for ten years in the public sector of the previously mentioned board members, as well as for their colleague Julio Gutiérrez Pebe.

Noguera and Aguila were also accused of illegal sponsorship; and Velásquez and Gutiérrez Pebe, of specific passive bribes.

Gutiérrez Pebe already fulfills an order of 18 months of preventive detention ordered by judge Hugo Núñez Julca, from the Supreme Court for Preparatory Investigation.

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