Monday , April 12 2021

César Villanueva, to the Daily Government, by Juan Paredes Castro | Policy

In moments of intensive and absorbent legalization of politics and politicization of justice, which also involves the government and the legislator in an intensive and absorbent manner, who takes charge of the country's administration?

Who would have to do what has to be done and what must be done to make the country work?

The question comes to maturity in the middle of complaints, courts and prosecutors, legal and parliamentary processes which are undoubtedly necessary in the corruption of corruption committed months ago. The problem is that all this has paralyzed government management.

It is not time to remove your powers and powers from justice. Neither to the legislative ones. But it is time for those who have in their hands the direction, direction and fate of ministries and other central government institutions, who are responsible for responding to the needs, health and welfare of citizens, are watching the reality.

We see the government, in capital letters and with all its powers, which are transported to another planet.

Peruvians do not delegate presidential, parliamentary, regional and municipal powers, which compromises high budgets in their achievements, so that they become sole media representatives.

In the name of political and legal stability that is so seriously affected in recent times, we need to quickly see these powers honored with a greater dose of equality, efficiency and responsibility.

The President Martín Vizcarra He exercises his role as Head of State. On the one hand, he has the complex leadership in corruption corruption, where he, according to his will, has to permanently define the government of Kuczynsky, to which he was a part. And on the other hand, a package of four constitutional reforms, which only seems to mean, for its populist revenue, no parliamentary re-election.

The return to the cinema, although it represents a clear demand for the parliamentary and political systems of the future, is not included in its agenda for the referendum on 9 December.

Not to the beneficial and lasting but unpopular. Yes to the harmful and transient but popular. Lovingly, the people's voice, respectable without doubt, overcomes the state's reasons, respectably as well.

Nestled as Vizcarra, there is corruption corruption and in the horizon of the referendum, not only his approval and popularity, but also some medium-term political calculations that may include his possible presidential election in 2021, prime minister César Villanueva He has to think more seriously than ever to enter the daily government.

It will have to do it almost in fact, because Vizcarra has actually become more head of state than government chief. It is time for a reasonable allocation of functions. Vizcarra in what he leads and does, and Villanueva in what exactly Vizcarra has ceased to lead and do: tough and concrete control.

It is the biggest challenge both in a moment of critical accumulation of ongoing tasks, including economic reactivation.

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