Friday , July 30 2021

Carabayllo | The man is shot dead while drinking liquid in a park [VIDEO]

Christian Mérida Hayas He died of a bullet this morning at Ramón Castilla Park, located in block 3 of Mor Selva street in Carabayllo. According to witnesses, the man would have played "Russian roulette" with some friends.

According to a witness, Christian Merida I drink alcohol with some friends and they all played "Russian roulette".

The game of the Russian roulette consists of placing a projectile inside a revolver's drum. The participants must point the gun and the trigger and wait for it to not burn.

To his place came his relatives to recognize the body; But they do not believe in the version of the game and require a thorough investigation from the authorities.

The crime experts found a bottle of whiskey, several bags and bottles of water next to the body. RPP News could see in the morning that around the park there are clubs and bars.

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