Wednesday , September 28 2022

BVL ends in positive terrain due to good performance at Volcan and Southern Copper | economy


the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) rose on Tuesday on a day where he highlighted progress in paper of polymetallic mining Volcan and the copper producer Southern copper, despite the decline in metal prices internationally.

The index SP / BVL Peru Selectivo, consisting of the main shares in Lima Square, registered an advance of 0.41% to 497.75 points. But so far this year, the indicator shows a decline of 3.23%.

On the other hand, the index SP / BVL Peru General earned 0.13% at 18.999.05 points. From January to today, the indicator has decreased by 4.88%

During the day, a negotiated amount of more than S / 25 million was reported in 321 businesses

In the mining sector, the zinc producer's population increased 2.94% to S / 0.70 while Sydköpers increased 3.12% to 33.1 US dollars, despite the fact that metal prices fell due to concerns about lower demand for China against any additional duties from United States.

On the other hand, the gold divides Buenaventura They dropped 3.55% in line with gold prices at 13.6 USD and noted their lowest price in one and a half months.

In the financial sector, shares with mixed results ended. Role as Credicorp gave 0.14% to 221.5 US $ while the title was on Intergroup increased 1.17% to 39.81 US $.

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