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Betty in NY: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Actor and Signs from Telemundos "I Am Betty, The Ugly" | Photo 1 of 3 | Shows | TV


Almost 20 years have passed since the premiere of "I'm Betty, The Ugly" and without a doubt, this Colombian production has marked a milestone since several "remakes" have been made and this time Telemundo is investing in the 2019 version.

"Betty in NY" is the name of this new telenovela and has already been confirmed by the protagonists. The fiction that has been recorded for several weeks will be the main actors of the Mexican gallant Erick Elías and Elyfer Torres will be placed in the role of "Betty".

The love triangle of this plot is finished by the Venezuelan actress Sabrina Seara, she will be in the skin of Marcela Valencia. She will take care of making life impossible for "Betty" who will be supported by the "Pelotone" that conforms to the adorable group of V & M Fashion secretaries.

Synopsis by Betty in NY

Betty in New York tells about the story of Beatriz Aurora Rincón Lozano, an intelligent and skilled Latina who lives in New York and after six months of being rejected for several job interviews due to her lack of physical attraction, she decides to take a stand for her qualifications. Then she gets a job at V & M Fashion as secretary of the company president, sure she will eventually rise in the wires.

Her limited fashion ability will make her victims of empathy and humiliation, which complicates her self-esteem, because she is surrounded by models and beautiful women. In the midst of glamor and business, and the struggle between beauty and ugliness, Betty will grow like a woman, but she will also face the biggest challenge in her life, one that even her titles and specializations will not help her solve: love.

Betty's Trailer in NY

With this teaser the new version of Betty in NY responsible for telemundo.

Actors and characters in Betty in NY

– Erick Elías as Armando
– Elyfer Torres like Betty
– Sabrina Seara as Marcea Valencia
– Aarón Díaz like Ricardo Calderón
– Mauricio Garza as Nicolás Ramos
– Saul Lisazo as Roberto Mendoza
– Héctor Suárez Gomís like Hugo Lombardi
– Sylvia Sáenz as Patricia Fernández
– Jeimy Osorio like Mariana
– Sheyla Tadeo as Bertha
– Isabel Moreno like Inesita
– Amaranta Ruiz like Sofia
– Valria Vera as Sandra
– Daniela Tapia as Aurora Maria

Issue date for Betty in NY

For several weeks now the episodes of this new remake have been recorded. The premier date for Betty in NY will be 2019 and promises to surprise everyone with all the characters that do their best.

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