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Zlatan Settlement in New Book: Falled undesirable because he was different


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Seven years later, in collaboration with David Lagercrantz, he released autobiography "I'm Zlatan", is one of the best Nordic football players in the world.

Together with the journalist and author Mats Olsson, Zlatan Ibrahimovic goes to the book "I'm soccer" chronologically through the breakthrough career in Malmö around the millennium, and where he is today: in the Los Angeles Galaxy.

According to Expressen, the 37-year-old sold 1.5 million copies "I'm Zlatan". The Swedish striker has earned $ 75 million in autobiography, which raised his detailed description of the hard upbringing in Rosengård, the arguments with Barcelona's chief Pep Guardiola and how he watched Helena Seger.

Rappet penalty kick from teammate

We have read the book in the bookshelves from Thursday, November 8th. Among other things, Zlatan shares new information about how to become a team player for Sweden.

"At first it was a big question how to handle the media in my mind. Almost every day there was something they would talk about. If there was no football there was nothing else. And that was good in that regard, with all the attention I got that people started saying I did not fit in. "He is not a team player, he is unfinished, he has to change" and so on. That's when I started to notice I was not welcome by everyone. "

with when Zlatan believes in the fall of 2003, a period when he received a lot of criticism for "stolen" a punishment from team mate Kim Källström. Zlatan did, but the perception of him as a person changed both in the media and among several of the teammates.

"If we lost a fight, it was my fault. If we did not play well, it was my fault. The message from the media was that I did not fit in. When I think about it now, I get the same nasty feeling as I received – a feeling that I was not welcome because I was Ibrahimovic. But I was young at that time and did not really understand where I felt what I felt. Now I understand, I now think differently and now I'm doing better. This is not something that goes over. I still get the feeling of not being welcome because I'm the one I am. I hear how people are talking. I hear those who say that the national team is a better team without me and my answer to them are: Be careful what you say so you do not reveal their true I. It can be difficult for you because racism is a much bigger problem than who is playing and not playing for the national team. Racism is the real problem », says Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who himself has a Bosnian father and a Croatian mother of Albanian descent.

In an interview with the French channel Canal + in January, Zlatan said that the Swedish media were not on their side because of his background.

"There is" undercover racism ", I'm 100 percent confident. Because I'm not Andersson or Svensson. If I had hated, they would defend me if I robbed a bank, he said.

Soon last chance for Zlatan

"What have you won as a team?"

If anyone is willing to talk to Zlatan if he is good for the team or not, he is more than ready for it:

"Let's talk about it." What have you won as a team? I've played in Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, ​​Milan, PSG, Manchester United – seven of the world's best football clubs, seven of the world's best teams. of individual players with bigger ego than Allsvenskan have together. And with these seven teams I have won thirty three collective titles in five different countries. So what can you tell me about how a team works and does not work? ", asks Zlatan in the book.

The Swedish star stared at the national team after the European Championships in 2016. But when he started targeting a very spectacular road for the Los Angeles Galaxy, the speculation about Zlatan would play the World Cup in Russia for Sweden began.

But in reality it was never applicable to him. Zlatan had given his name to Sweden.

The 37-year-old also talks about spring 2017 when he injured himself hard in his knee as Manchester United player.

But Zlatan knew there were no shortcuts to return to the football field.

"You can not cheat on it and it still affects me. After injuring my knee in Manchester United, I spent six months on a fucking machine and exercised my leg. For six months, six hours a day, because I knew If I were to return, I had to work hard. This thought follows me everywhere, it has shaped me as a person. "

– The quality of the Premeir League is overrated

Zlatan was almost ready for battle when the Los Angeles Galaxy hit the field this winter.

"I started focusing on what I should do in the next phase, then I went to Mourinho asking for permission to go to the Galaxy." You do not have to ask me, "he said." You're doing the way you want ", was the message from Mourinho.

Zlatan says he is very fond of Manchester United.

"And now that I've been there, I can say it as it is: Quality is overrated, but the beat and rhythm are maximum. Had I been ten years younger and came to the Premier League – then I had eaten them for lunch. Now it was lunch instead. "

It is Font Forlag that publishes the book in Norway.

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