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"We are on the verge of protection becoming a storage city for drugs


She is very clear that the precautionary visit on the shoulder was a precaution. 10 police officers, 4 students and two medical experts participated in the protection on Tuesday.

Verified written agreement

"The school wanted thorough and non-legal information, and the wishes came from both the teachers, the principal and the Russians. There are 500 students on the shoulder so we felt that in order for us to be able to work out in a good way, we jumped up so many people and won Hope, who found it important to reach all the students:

– When Russia is in third grade it may be too late.

  • background:
    The police should inform students about drugs – so marked drug dogs

The latest criticism has come from a legal professor and from the student student council. In another way, it was argued that the police had taken care of and that the procedure did not provide trust between police and young people.

Wenke Hope announced that the police were contacted by the debt following the major MDMA attack in October and that there was then a law agreement on the police and the debt would collaborate on roadmap. Parts of the agreement are published on the website.

It says that the police will review the public area on shells, corridors, restrooms and other openings that are public. "Police drug dogs will be able to go through these areas several times during the school year, but generally with the approval of the shoulder," he says.

Contact a lawyer

"We do not have enough desire to go into classrooms, conduct paging or seek out one-man owners. But we had been informed that there should have been smoked shack in the casing, and if we found enough in the common spaces, we should remove That victory victory, and found that none of the students they met were affected.

Saka still knew to polish two selected students, who then got their owners closer investigated and realized they had used hash.

Thus, tutors took a different course than one saw, and the two students were taken to a room that the police had access to.

– Q. Have they had any rooms if they would talk about prevention with all students?

"When you have a drug dog, you must have a plan for what to do if it marks. You can never know what happens when we have dogs. Elevane was taken by your civilian police to protect them, not stigmatizing them.

Then the watchdog's lawyer was contacted, who wrote the decision that it would be possible to check with him. Special equipment was taken but no fabric.

Hope Meiner Dei has a good cooperation with skuleleiinga, and Rector Knut Clausen promises to follow his students well.

"We would have been out of bed if we were pretending to be a preservation city for drugs.

May have given a written lie

"The police have failed to see that this was a precautionary effort. It has made the page an identical measure at Vestby Skule 1998, when there were fines afterwards. Certainly, there are criminal offenses, with higher demands on suspicions, rights for students and so on, Professor Hans Fredrik Marthinussen at the University of Bergen meets Firdapost.

The police can do this kind of search beyond durability.

Hans Fredrik Marthinussen, law professor at the University of Bergen

He adds that the students had to obtain written lions some Tuesday actions at Flora Vidaregåande should be legal.

Legal professor at UiB Hans Fredrik Marthinussen

Legal professor at UiB Hans Fredrik Marthinussen

"You agree that the authorities can do enough, they are not allowed without a home country. This is not the case with them. For a while, the police sent information to Skåne and the students were invited to agree that the police could get on the shelves and carry out investigations If the police ask to see my pockets, I can say yes and no. Skuleaksjonane was based on the fact that if the students agreed and knew the framework, the police could handle them even if the Advocate General had come to the conclusion that there was no reason. that this was stigmatizing for those who did not agree and that this could not happen, even with consent. They took another action against the Ministry of Justice.

– What does the police do on a skule?

– Relatively little. They can do this kind of search beyond the term of office, and they may apply in public places during school hours if they have left very clear messages to students and if they do not use dogs close to the students, stick to Firdaposten, and add:

"I do not think you or I had our special inconvenience if they took a dog to our workplace. I think most would respond.

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