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Tired choice for Gudrun in the "pursuit of love"


GRÅ: Gudrun Austli led the election's election in Monday's episode.
GRÅ: Gudrun Austli led the election's election in Monday's episode. Photo: SKJERMBILDE / TV 2


Gudrun Austli (38) has unfortunately worried about kissing and had several more freedoms. When she was going to make the last choice, the beep got another sound.

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Sauebond from Snåsa was delighted with both Vegar Valbø (31) and Danish Thomas Kongstad (40) during the recording. The harder it was to choose one of them. The feelings took full control before the final decision, and the tears fled against Gudrun.

The television viewers saw a completely different side of the otherwise happy and flirted farmer.

"I have never dated more people at the same time, but allow me this. There were two beautiful guys and I did not want to hurt anyone." But it was a complicated situation. "I made it difficult for myself, Gudrun says to VG.

The election finally ended at Vegar from Drangedal, something they celebrated with a juicy kiss. Both Vegar and Thomas have kissed Gudrun sore and cordially earlier in the recording.

Gudrun: – Do not drive with nussing

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"I suffered when I fell in love with Kristian

Gudrun came with a warning that Vegar can not work so much that he forgets her.

– I need attention. You have to be a little more romantic, she advised.

Gudrun explains VG that it was as much meant as a memorial to himself.

"We work iron, both, but one must also be able to find peace in an armature. When I was more different than Thomas and me, but contradictions can complement each other, she believes.

"But in the real world, I had never chosen to choose this day, so I would have needed more time. We all had some time for all of us.

When it seems incredibly fun "winning". He had already fallen in love and looked at Gudrun as a possible business subject.

"And then it was great to beat Danish, he looks forward to VG.

– What did you think about Gudrun?

"Hehe, I thought I had to try to work a little more with romance. Probably I'm more labor than the others. I'm carpenter and drive machines and buggies and so on.

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Happy Frier Records – but resigned from "The Hunt"

Gudrun expressed great concern about whether the "Danish", usually a large-scale, would benefit society and motivated the choice with it. The "Danish" himself was disagreeable, but took the disappointment with dignity.

"The most important thing is that you are doing well. I wish you good luck in the future, Gudrun told him before leaving the farm.

"Danish" nevertheless acknowledged the programmer after that he was very disappointed and that he meant that Gudrun had made the wrong choice.

I is the right choice. Maybe she wakes up tomorrow and says oi oi? he joked.

Gudrun explains VG that she was very uncertain.

"But I thought it was a choice I could land for sure.

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Tears were also about the election to Kristoffer Heldal (31) from Drangedal. The farmer hikstet and cried in front of the two bends.

"I think it's hard," he said on television, before sending Tanita Helen Kristiansen (26) from Tromsø home – much based on the great distance between her hometown Tromsø and her own base. Tanita, who has also expressed great uncertainty under the way, showed understanding of the farmers' decisions.

"The choice is made after the feeling of love and the feedback from the girls," Kristoffer explained before she gave anita Aas Kristiansen (27) from Fjellhamar a message that the election fell on her.

"Anita has what I'm looking for so I give the relationship a chance to see if true love can occur.

Anita has been clear about her feelings all the way.

"Now I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with Kristoffer," she cried.

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Selbu farmer Bjørn Hammer (31) had the feelings under control before the election. He sent Katrine Kaino (28) from Tromsø home and chose to keep Christina Svanem Rolitrø (23) from Leksvik. A in love with Christina was happy to get the chance to become even better acquainted with Bjørn.

Valdres farmer Ola Einar Hovrud (50) from Leira in Valdres was afraid, but found that he had more friendship than romantic feelings for Mariann Øen (50) from Eggedal.

Hege Ingeborg Tryggvason (53) from Solør was delighted with victory because she already managed to have warm feelings for the farmer.

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In the next week's episode, the peasants will be home for their chosen warriors and meet their family and friends. In two weeks, television viewers will be with the couples on a foreign tour. Only after it's clear how it really went with love hunting.

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