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Three new BMW models become hybrids

German BMW is really hacked today and promises three new rechargeable hybrids next year.

It's almost a week without BMW now showing a new model. This week, for example, they have shown the hardest car ever made in the 3 Series, in addition to the M3, a brand new M340i, and last week they showed some of the wildest ever produced regardless of the model series, a brand new M8 Coupé.

As well as sales, as never before, we realize they are in shock.

For October, the BMW Group delivered 200,883 vehicles, and so many cars have never rolled out of BMW sales outlets this month from now on.

So far this year, they have hitched two million cars, and the electrified models now account for 40 percent of sales.

In Norway, 4 of 5 newly registered BMW models have been electrified so far in 2018, and of these, the rechargeable hybrids are over 30 percent. BMW is Norway's fourth best selling brand with 10,035 cars in the first ten months.

So BMW is definitely in the swing, and they intend to take advantage of the moment.

They do it in the form of many new cars, and more and more of them are electrified. Like the three new rechargeable hybrids, they have begun.

New 300e

The 3-Series sedan was launched in March, then as two diesel variants and one with gasoline engines. But it was also clear that they would fill in with two additional model variants – an M Performance model and a rechargeable hybrid. The M model is M340i, and the hybrid is 330e, which has an electrical range of 60 kilometers – closer to double compared to the outgoing model.

330th hybrid connects a 2-liter 4-cylinder, twin-piston turbo petrol engine with 184 horsepower and an electric motor that equips 68 horsepower and 113 hp power. In total, 330e becomes a real lifting plug with 252 horsepower and a torque of 420 Nm.

In addition to this, a new standard feature called XtraBoost, which increases the power with 41 horsepower in shorter periods, this is automatically activated when 330e is in sports mode. The energy is then stored in a 12 kWh high voltage battery.

All this makes it a speed that makes 0-100 km / h in 6.0 seconds while the top speed is set to 230 km / h. In full electric mode, the top speed is 140 km / h, which is 20 km / h faster than the predecessor .

The battery and a new location on the fuel tank will ensure that some of the space under the floor in the luggage disappears, but the hybrid system should not go beyond the inner seat.

New BMW X5 45e

Many have been waiting for the new X5, and the launch of this is now just a few weeks away. And in the second half of 2019, the model program expands with a new generation of rechargeable hybrid – the BMW X5 45e.

This gives a TwinTurbo 3-liter rack shaft with 286 horsepower and a torque of 450 Nm. The petrol engine is combined with an electric motor of 112 hp and 265 Nm, and the overall power is thus solid 394 horsepower with a maximum torque of 600 Nm.

BMW finds that in pure electric mode reaches 140 km / h, while the top speed is increased to 235 km / h at full power on both engines. The acceleration from 0-100 km / h is eliminated in 5.6 seconds. Do not touch the relatively large SUV.

Of course, BMW has also placed the battery, now at 18.4 kWh, below the floor, making the center of gravity as low as possible and the car has a low power range – 80 kilometers. Thus more than doubled in relation to the outgoing model.

X3 also as hybrid

Finally, BMW has also announced that X3 also comes as hybrid next year. The Germans have not published any data around the X3 30, but it is expected that it will get a similar hybrid system as 300e.

The X3 Series is also the first BMW SUV model that is completely electric, and the iX3 will be scheduled for 2020.

The three new hybrid cars for BMW are therefore quite easily accessible and will be able to run as electric cars at the present time.

"There have been many discussions about the electrical supply of the first charging hybrids that came on the market. With the new generation of rechargeable hybrids, we show that BMW has the technology needed to lift these models to a new level," said Communications Director at BMW Norway, Marius Tegneby.

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