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Narvik was appointed Monday by the Norwegian Ski Association's working group as a candidate for applying for the Alpine world in 2027. The second candidate was Kvitfjell / Hafjell.

The final decision on who will be the Norwegian city of the World Cup in 2027 will be taken by the skier on Monday, September 19th. Event leader in the Norwegian ski federation Terje Lund, who led the working group, believes that Narvik appeals internationally.

"We think Narvik had a better concept. They have a unique compact concept where the mountains, the city and the sea are compact. That means we think they can win internationally. It was our mandate.

– Congratulations to Narvik

"Congratulations to Narvik to win the first goal of achieving the world's top world championship," said the county manager, Nordland Labor Party Tomas Norvoll, in a press release.

"Narvik will be able to offer a spectacular experience that no other city can provide," he says.

"Narvik had the best concept

A unanimous working group in the Ski Federation established Narvik as a candidate for the World Cup in Alpine, which is not clear.

"Some claim it's the world's second largest winter event," says communications manager at the Norwegian ski association Espen Graff.

In other words, it is a big task to organize an Alpine World Cup. For the sake of sake: The biggest winter event is the Winter Olympics.

Narvik in place at press conference. Ullevål

Narvik was obviously in place during the press conference in Ullevål.

Photo: Lars-Bjørn Martinsen / NRK

– Long piece again

But despite the fact that Narvik will be Norway's candidate, it is a long way back to becoming the champion of the championship, which is called the second largest second-ever winter event in the world.

Famous ski resorts such as Aspen, Crans-Montana and Saalbach have been mentioned as potential candidates, all more famous names in the wide sketch circles.

Erik Plener, one of those behind Narvik's application, is not sure that the biggest job remains.

– This is 50 meters of a marathon. It's far left.

Got help from alpine stars

In March 2017 NM was organized in the alpine in Narvik. The road to a World Cup often goes through such events. The last time Norway organized the World Championships in Alpine was during the Olympic Games in Oslo in 1952, when the Olympic Games in the Alpine Championship also had the World Cup status.

"Narvik has good traditions for arranging major competitions," said Kjetil André Aamodt, formerly NRK. He has participated in many races in Narvik, including NM.

It is not only the domestic alpine stars that have helped, but they also helped the Swiss Alps center Didier Défago to help in the mountains.

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