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This Fire Player probably disappears from the club


Brand and player's agent confirms the decision.

Vidar Ari Jónsson (24) has judged his last Fire match after all. The player's agent, Olafur Gardarsson, confirms that he is working on finding a new club for the Irish.

– It's just the way it is. Sometimes the coach likes another player better. We have no sore feelings, "says Gardarsson to Bergens Tidende.

The fire department explains

Bronze sports director Rune Soltvedt explains why the situation has become difficult for Jonsson in Brann.

"The competition has been tough for him and it has not diminished. It's always good backer that's there," says Soltvedt.

Last year it was Amin Nouri who held Jonsson on the bench, this year Taijo Teniste has been a solo first choice when Jonsson was sent on lending to Iceland. But Jonsson also came to the bench.

"We hoped the loan would make him turn, but he ended up outside the team. Unfortunately, the basket has been wrong," said Soltvedt.

This goalkeeper is fire current

Get matches

Agent Gardarsson says that Jonsson prefers to pursue his career outside his country, but it is not excluded to play in Iceland.

– How fast can a new club be in place for him?

– See you. Vidar is talented and has the speed so it should be possible to find a nice club, "says Olafur Gardarsson.

Vidar Ari Jónsson has played 14 Fire Matches and has also scored a goal. He has a contract with Brann in 2019.

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