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– They did a lot behind the camera – VG

AMPER MOOD: Karianne Vilde Wølner thinks that Simen Nyeng and Daniel Viem Årdal hacked at her for a long period inside the yard. Photo: Ingebrigt Vibe Lunde

At the same time as one of the “Farm” participants has already secured a place during the last week, the mood among several of the participants is escalating.

The participants in “Gården” are now in the tenth week, the very last before the last week begins.

The last big farmer of the year was the challenger Per Gunvald Haugen, who has thus already secured a place in the last week.

The competition has really started to intensify, and this also applies to the atmosphere on the farm.

In Tuesday’s episode, it was tearful for Karianne Vilde Wølner when there was a fantastic atmosphere between her and three of the boys on the farm.

They’re just self-centered fooling the whole gang. That they can not understand that what they are doing is harmful, says Wølner in the section.

Wølner believes that Sindre Nyeng, Kjetil Kirk and Daniel Viem Årdal have hacked at her since she won «Torpet».

GRAY: In Tuesday’s episode, Karianne breaks down in tears, after a discussion about who should sleep where in the dormitory. Photo: TV 2

– My cup overflowed

Wølner tells VG that the boys changed their behavior towards her and Karianne Kopperstad during the tenth week:

– It started with Karianne, and then it went to me. It seems like I’m sipping on little things, but they did a lot behind the camera, she says.

What did they do?

– They rotted together and were rude to us. They hacked at me, and then there was a lot of pushing and discussions, she says.

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In Tuesday’s episode, she breaks down in tears after a discussion about who should sleep where in the dormitory.

– My cup overflowed and it was difficult to be there. In addition to being tired, bored and having some food. Then you get very upset here and there, she says.

Did you get this with you? Inger Cecilie chose to sabotage the big farmer Daniel in week eight.

Let yourself be flat

– We became a bit “boy club decent” which would be a bit silly, it also went at the expense of Karianne, says Simen Nyeng to VG.

He says it was never an intention to make her sad.

– When she warned, we lay down and apologized. It’s a shame, and I understand that it was not easy for her, he says.

Daniel Viem Årdal also says that he understands that Wølner felt overwhelmed.

– We were three pieces against one, but it was not the intention to step on someone’s toe, he says.

GOOD FRIENDS: Although there were several clashes between the various “Farm” participants on the farm, all are good friends today. Photo: Ingebrigt Vibe Lunde

Kjetil Kirk, for his part, says that he does not recognize himself in the statements and that he was less involved in what happened.

– It does not mean that I defend it, because I never meant to hurt anyone. But it’s not something she picked up in there or has recorded afterwards. he says.

Got each other on the nerves

And even though there were sometimes heated discussions on the farm, Wølner says that she is good friends with the boys today.

– When I told them how it felt, it got much better. We arranged quickly, she says.

She thinks the boys behaved like that because they were nervous and knew they were in danger.

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– We are entering the tenth week and have never been so close to the final. When you have lived so close, it goes without saying that there is a great atmosphere.

And Nyeng makes no secret of the fact that the atmosphere was not at its peak the week before the final.

– It starts to go towards the end, and you start to get on each other’s nerves. You become like siblings, and it is quick to have hot discussions, he says.

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