Friday , October 7 2022

Silent Hill creator leaves Sony to start his own game studio


Silent Hill father Keiichiro Toyama has gone out on his own to start a new game studio, called Bokeh Game Studio. He announced this himself this week, with a video that you can see above.

From left: Junya Okura, Keiichiro Toyama and Kazunobu Sato. Screenshot: Bokeh Game Studio

Toyama is best known for creating the first Silent Hill game in 1999, before leaving Konami for Sony Japan. At the PlayStation maker, he worked as a director, designer and writer on both the Siren: Blood Curse and Gravity Rush series.

Despite a good collaboration with Sony, Toyama felt that he needed a change to achieve his own ambitions.

– The global gaming industry has changed at lightning speed and continues to change all the time. Having participated in this unit day in and day out, I have felt that extensive changes have been necessary to achieve my own ambitions. That is why I have decided to become independent, says Toyama in an interview with Famitsu (Via Gematsu).

The first game will be an action adventure

In Bokeh, Toyama has brought with him two other veterans in Japanese game development. Kazunobu Sato has experience as a producer on The Last Guardian, while Junya Okura worked with Toyama on Gravity Rush.

Exactly what the trio has planned, they currently keep secret. To Famitsu, however, Toyama confirmed that work is underway on the first game on the agenda. It will be a completely new action adventure that comes to «different platforms».

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