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Break the rules: Rita Ora’s birthday did not go quite as planned. Photo: ANDREW KELLY / X02844

The singer had to apologize after the birthday party during the closing in London. Now it turns out that she should have been in quarantine as well.

British singer Rita Ora (30) had to apologize when it became known that she was celebrating her birthday with about 30 guests at a restaurant in London.

It was against the rules, because at the end of November it was illegal to meet more than one person outside their own household, according to The Guardian.

Now the newspaper writes that there was another reason why the celebration would never have taken place. In fact, Ora was still in quarantine after a trip to Egypt, writes The Mail on Sunday.

According to the newspaper, the 30-year-old flew to Cairo in Egypt on November 21 for a private concert at a hotel. She is said to have returned to the UK the next day and should have been quarantined for 14 days according to British rules.

Instead, she celebrated her birthday on November 28, a week later, at a restaurant with 30 participants.

On Instagram, Ora wrote that she “participated in a small gathering with some friends to celebrate her birthday”.

– It was a decision in impulse with a misunderstood assumption that we were on our way out of the closure and that it was okay.

– I am very sorry for having broken the rules and understand that this exposes people to danger. Given the limitations, I understand how irresponsible these actions were and I take full responsibility, she wrote in November.

Went to Egypt

After the Egypt tour became famous, the singer went out again and apologized. In a statement from The Guardian, Ora said she should follow the rules.

– When I returned to the UK, I should have followed the authorities’ advice and isolated myself during the given period. As you know, I did not follow advice and I’m sorry again.

– I understand that the regrettable words from a pop star are probably not as valuable, especially from someone who has broken the rules like me, but I understand that someone can follow my example.

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The statement goes on to say that she urges people not to do so.

– Debt and shame that I have received this week for my mistake is not worth it. Instead, listen to government advice and the voices of health care heroes and take action.

According to The Guardian, Ora writes that she has tested negative for coronavirus and that she will donate the profits after the concert in Egypt to charity.

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