Wednesday , September 28 2022

Reduces billions of investments in Tydal following the budget agreement between KrF and the government


The case is being updated.

Two contracts for billion values ​​have thus disappeared after the Right, Frp and Left and KrF government parties have decided to introduce a full lover to data centers that operate an encryption currency, including bitcoin, writes E24.

Erik Vennemoe at NTC Services says they helped a global customer to start in Tydal, but the customer now released the project.

"When this came from the government, our customer was regularly rescued," Vennemoe said to E24.

The site also recently wrote that the owners of Trollhuset in Fræna in Romsdal lost billions after the planned data center was divorced after the government's expansion.

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– The last thing we need

Regional Director Tord Lien from NHO Trøndelag calls for a change in the fee for industry with just five weeks' notice for the nightly budget curtailment, which creates a blast for business.

"We see another change in the framework conditions that came out of the blue and probably not thought out." We really hoped to avoid this year. "The last thing we need is surprises in the survey." This has consequences in Nordland, Trøndelag and Western Norway, says Lien .

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– The need is rising

He believes that companies need first and foremost stable and predictable framework conditions.

"It is relatively short time since we welcome investments in data center capacity in Norway as the need will increase significantly in the future. It is better to get it in countries with renewable energy sources. When the industry responds and investments are coming, one turns. This type of unpredictability significantly weighs investment, says Lien.

– Should run forward

Storting's representative Henrik Asheim (H) defends the budget agreement between KrF and the government parties.

– This is a unanimous vote that believes. Whole electricity charges for data centers that extract cryptovaluta would probably have printed out sooner or later. That some companies go out, it's obvious that they run with bitcoin mining, he says to E24.

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