Friday , August 19 2022

Play warmed in Flesland this morning, but it will be hotter


Between 0700 and 0800 there was 16.4 degrees on Flesland. The station has observed the weather since 1955 and has never measured higher temperatures in November.

In Florida, the mail is still 17.9 degrees from 2011, but it can rain on Wednesday.

"I expect we get temperatures between 17 and 18 degrees in the morning and early afternoon," says Meteorologist Meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid at the Meteorological Institute.

Tonight there were very high temperatures with up to 16.9 in Florida, but it became a little colder when the wind shifted northwest. According to Fagerlid, the wind direction is again south-east, which means that the temperature is rapidly rising again.

"It will be a very nice day today," says Fagerlid.


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