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Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp have been engaged


STARS: Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp, pictured here in New York last year.
STARS: Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp, pictured here in New York last year. Photo: TYJA, AGNY / BACKGRID


Hollywood star Meg Ryan (56) and musician John Mellencamp (67) have been waving back and forth for eight years, but now they marry.


Meg Ryan reports Instagram that she is engaged During a drawing of herself and the music star she writes only one word – in uppercase letters: "Engaged!".

The movie star has almost 400,000 followers on the image sharing service, and it has poured on thousands of happy wishes under the mail.

The couple has been an obsolete lover for eight years. In particular, the long distance has made it difficult to take care of the relationship. While living in New York, he has his permanent base in Indiana. Mellencamp commented on the newspaper Rolling Stone in 2013, as he did not seem to be able to settle in New York.

"I'm too sensitive to living here. It's impossible for me to see poor people. I can not see suffering. To see junk on the street is unsustainable, he must have said.

Since 2017, romance has been stable, and now it goes against weddings for the two.

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Career destroys for romance

Ryan is known as one of Hollywood's queens of romantic comedies, including "When he met her", "Sleepless in Seattle", "You have mail" and "Kate and Leopold". She has previously said that her career has gone beyond privacy romance.

Mellencamp is primarily songwriter and singer – formerly known under the artist John Cougar. He has been an avid supporter of Barack Obama and played during the election and launch in 2009.

But Mellencamp has also played in several movies, including "Falling From Grace" and "Madison". In addition, he is an artist.

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Dreaming about Meg Ryan

While Ryan has a marriage behind him, with movie star Dennis Quaid (64)Mellencamp has been married three times earlier.

Ryan was separated from Quaid in 2001 – after nine years of marriage – because she had fell for opponent russell crowe (54) during the recording of "Lifestyle" the year before. But the relationship with Crowe two end after one and a half years.

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Meg Ryan got a rage outbreak

Ryan has one 25 years old son with Quaid and 12 years ago she adopted a daughter from China. Melencamp, for its part, has five children.

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