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Meat, vegetarian | Vedum in the MDGs’ throat demands meat: – Pure moralism


MDG’s new meat requirements create anger in Center Party. – This is pure moralism, says Sp-Trygve.

The Green Party (MDG) demands in the new party program that meat consumption be halved. Deputy Arild Hermstad believes that meat should be reserved for holidays and Sunday dinner.

That makes SP leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum look red.

– Norwegian politicians will not decide when people should eat meat or for that matter tomato soup, Vedum says to Nettavisen.

He reacts to what he considers to be “moralism” from the Millennium Development Goals, where they engage in something that he believes belongs to the private sphere of people.

– They say that there is almost something immoral about eating meatballs on Wednesday. Then you are on a wild goose hunt, he says.

Comment: The biggest threat to Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is called Trygve Slagsvold Vedum

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on meat and climate emissions. A separate organization has emerged for vegans who have applied for government support to inform people about how to change their diet. The organization EAT, led by Gunhild Stordalen, has argued that Norwegians must drastically reduce meat consumption.

But Vedum believes that it is not only the Millennium Development Goals that believe this, but that it is a topic that extends far into the government and is therefore concerned about how the debate will develop.

– The Conservative Government’s climate cure was about exactly the same thinking. The government has announced that they will provide the follow-up. There is a discussion about extra meat tax and a strong desire to reduce meat consumption, says Vedum.

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Climate Cure 2030 is a study conducted by the government to reveal where climate reductions should be made. The SP leader believes that meat is such a central part of Norwegian culture and tradition and that it becomes too easy when the Millennium Development Goals say that meat consumption has only increased.

– There have been fewer cows. Which means lower emissions. This is because we are much more efficient and get more out of the cows.

– Need food enjoyment

On Tuesday, Vedum had a birthday and his wife had made a good old-fashioned rib dinner.

– I want to enjoy food. Yesterday I ate my first Christmas meal. Then I felt a huge joy of ribs. I do not know the hint of shame, but only the joy of eating ribs. It is allowed to enjoy a good meal. It is not something to moralize about, he says.

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– But is there an agreement that emissions from the agricultural industry must be reduced?

– In recent years, there has been a huge decline. To reduce Norwegian food production, it only moves abroad and we import the meat. We must ensure that cows have as few diseases as possible, because then it will be better and more meat. Here, Norway is far ahead.

– You talk about moralizing from politicians. Center Party politician Kjersti Toppe has spoken out in favor of banning kinder eggs and Happy Meal?

– It was proposed when we sat in the government. I was Minister of Agriculture and fortunately we managed to stop the proposal which then came from the Minister of Health. It was high temperature at some meetings, he says and laughs.

– Sp is arrogant

MDG’s chair of the program committee Hulda Holtvedt thinks that the answer to Vedum is «arrogant».

– Lower meat consumption is good for the climate, our animals, food security and the UN Climate Panel recommend pieces of meat. The government’s climate medicine is doing the same. When the center party chooses to completely ignore that knowledge, it is immoral and hostile to knowledge, Holtvedt tells Nettavisen.

– There is something wrong when a package of sausages costs less than a carrot.

– Is it moralism?

– No. It is about what political structural measures must be taken to reduce emissions. It is important to distinguish between what politicians do and what individuals buy when they are at the checkout in the store, she says.

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– What structural measures should be taken?

– We want it to be more expensive to buy meat and cheaper to buy fruit and vegetables. It must be easier for consumers to make environmentally friendly choices.

– But will it not go beyond the low-paid especially, who just want to arrange a dinner for the family?

– Those who have the least do not join the climate fair because the vegetarian alternatives are more expensive. The climate barometer shows that young people eat the most meat. But there are those who also want to reduce meat consumption. The economy should not be an obstacle.

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– So no one should feel ashamed?

– No. No one should feel ashamed. We ask politicians to take measures so that food policy takes knowledge into account.

Norway is a country with a lot of grass, which makes it friendly for meat production. But Holtvedt believes that farmers should to a much greater extent switch to producing vegetables.

– We can produce much more plant-based food in Norway. If we halve meat consumption, we become self-sufficient and thus not dependent on feed imports. We do not advocate for anyone to stop eating meat. But today we eat twice as much meat as our grandparents did.


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