Monday , April 12 2021

Man to hospital after possible knife placement in Bergen

The police question the person who signed a possible knife stacking on a cabin in Bergen evening to Monday. A man has been sent to a hospital with possible stitches.

Police and ambulances moved to an address in Olsvik, Bergen, a short quarter after midnight, following a message that a person could be knife picked. On the spot, the police found a man who was alone, consciously, with injuries that they claimed might be due to the use of a knife. The man was driven to Haukeland University Hospital.

"For example, we work based on a theory that he is knife picked and we look around at the address of possible perpetrators," says Operations Manager Dag Olav Sætre in the Western Police Area at NTB at 2.15.

Half an hour later, the police have not arrested anyone or found any shocks that may have been used. The injured person must have stayed at the address, which is a cabin and is a bit off the beaten track, according to the police.

"Of course, we've been looking for possible weapons. We ensure track of the scene and ask for the detector. It was a very alert message, where one person called the healthcare with information about" one that was possibly a knife piece. "Obviously, it's important to Find out what this reporter really knows, so we question them to clarify this, "says Sætre.

The police have no information about the extent of the injury, but say that he did not appear to be life-threatening injuries when they found him.

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