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KNM Helge Ingstad received clear warnings from the pre-accident idea – Macro and Politics

The newspaper also has radar images that show that the frigate held high speed and ruled against the tanker, despite repeated warnings that they would collide.

The audio log shows that the contact was made between the ships one minute before it was narrow.

Without being sure if it's the frigate that comes against them, ask "Sola TS" if it's "Helge Ingstad" that comes against them. This confirms the warship five seconds later.

In the meantime, the tanker asks the frigate repeatedly to turn the course against starboard.

The answer from the frigate is according to the audio log: "Then we go to close the blocks."

"Turn starboard if you come. So you have …", "Sola TS" answers, among other things.

– It will be a collision

Later, the tanker gives the following message: "Helge Ingstad! Turn!" Within the three seconds after saying, "There will be a collision here then."

The frigate had a speed of 17 knots when the ships collided.

The contact with "Helge Ingstad" will be sporadic after this, and it sounds sober from the frigate arm. "We have become alarm. Trying to get control of the situation, they say to the central station, according to VG.

The newspaper has informed the Armed Forces that they have sound logs and radar images from the accident. They do not want to comment on this.

Navigation Training

NATO has confirmed that frigate practiced when the collision occurred.

In a news report, the Swedish Defense Forces writes that KNM Helge Ingstad "sailed in the inner fjord for navigation training" before the accident.

– They navigated with a deputy and deputy vice president. A captain is a trained navigator, while a deputy managing director is not fully trained, "said Torill Herland, Commander and Communications Manager of the Navy to NRK.

Has secured data

The hearing commission has received data logs and electronic information from the failed frigate and is working on analyzing the material.

Departments Director Dag S. Liseth from the Havarikommission is not currently aware if the computer material contains sound recordings of what is said on the bridge.

– I'm not completely familiar with the content yet. These are things we are sitting and analyzing to see if it can help understand the course of events. Some of what we received from the ship is data logger, he says to NTB.

On Saturday the ship was secured with steel joints and bolts and four people from the Armed Forces took care of the first time since the accident on board. Next time the ship must be ready to lift.

– Good picture of the event

In parallel with the Hearing Commission's investigations, the police investigate the accident. Head of department Frode Karlsen in the Western police area says to Bergens Tidende that they have formed a good picture of the unfortunate process in connection with the accident but do not want to go into detail.

"In general, the investigation of accidents will determine if there has been a human or technical failure – or a combination of the two," he says.

– Is there reason to believe that the cause of this accident is due to a technical error?

"We can not rule it out, but we have no reason to believe it," said Karlsen newspaper.

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