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In an interview with NRK on Saturday afternoon, Nils-Andreas Stensønes, Nils-Andreas Stensønes, is told that four people have been on board KNM Helge Ingstad.

He says they have come a long way in security work. Six vaiers are in place and the seventh is on its way.

"We have only had four people on board who have secured bulls. They have also been on board to retrieve data from the navigation system and the shipping technology system we will ship to the Norwegian Port Commission to help them identify what has happened.

Six out of ten vaiers are attached

It is working day and night to secure the frigate KNM "Helge Ingstad" after the collision with the tanker Sola TS night to Thursday.

– Now we have connected the sixth wire. When you have six parties you think the ship is relatively safe, says Communications Manager at Navy Torill Herland Saturday morning.

Herland says that a total of ten vaiers must be attached. The next phase will be to tighten them.

"There is some uncertainty as to what will happen when the tension is cut. It has to work slowly but safely to do no more damage – or lower the ship.

Work on securing frigates

NIGHT AND DAY: Work around the clock to secure the frigate.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

Herland says that the Armed Forces have little knowledge of what lies within the frigate. They do not know how much water it is onboard and the water is.

– Only when we can put people on board will we know more about how the ship can be stored.

The military used tug boats to prevent the frigate from slipping from land.

"We do not know what meets us when we get under tires

When the vessel is tightened, the plan is to send divers in the water and people aboard the frigate to inspect and assess the level of injury close-up.

During the day, the Armed Forces will assess whether the staff can embark on KNM Helge Ingstad to investigate the damage.

– This will be the basis for the next phase, which will save the frigate.

The possibilities of sealing the hole in the hull and lifting the frigate on a barge are taken into account. If possible, a possible plan is to carry the frigate with a barge to the hook cover.

Frigate Helge Ingstad

SANK NESTEN: The frigate KNM Helge Ingstad was taken to land in order not to sink after the collision.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

Herland says, however, that the amount of damage will have a lot to say about how the frigate can be stored.

"We need more options because we do not know what happens when we get under tires."

The defense took over responsibility for the accident at the police on Friday. Now the ship Olav Tryggvasson coordinates, which is a command platform, the operation.

There is also a reservation for acute pollution, and the Armed Forces have a coast guard with a vice leader ready for countermeasures that can be implemented.

Sola TS has sailed on

Although the work in Øygarden continues, the tanker Sola TS has sailed further.

Two days after the freeze collision, the shipping company Tsakos Colombia confirmed Shipmanagement S.A to NRK that the ship sailed against Britain on Saturday morning.

Sola TS who collided with frigate KNM Helge Ingstad

Have seen: SOLA TS collided with frigate night to Thursday. On saturday morning, the tanker sailed to Great Britain.

Photo: Lasse Wallace / NRK

The Armed Forces are working on frigate

The defense's goal is to lift the frigate on a barge and transport it to Haakonsvern.

Photo: Jakob Østheim / Armed Forces

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