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Female (50) was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison to kill her husband


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The woman became acquainted with her gambian husband (37) during a Gambia vacation 2011. They became girlfriends and married the following year.

According to the court in Oslo, the court quickly began a Norwegian course after arriving in Norway. He got permanent employment in a bakery. In addition, he had a part-time job.

The relationship between the sentenced and her 12-year-old husband was characterized by much argumentation and a sometimes high level of conflict. Much of the argument was that, after the accused's views, the man did not contribute financially. Some of the argued were the alleged alcoholic use, according to the Court's judgment.

The defendants have argued in the court that the man exposed her to violence in the wake of aftermath. The 50-year-old applied for separation from the man twice, but both applications were withdrawn.

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Come home 15 minutes before he was killed

That night the murder occurred, the victim came home about 15 minutes before stuck in his chest and in the throat with a kitchen knife. This happened just after the couple had argued.

The crash began with his husband to blame his wife for drinking alcohol. It developed into a commercial economy as the man had concrete plans for a house purchase in Gambia.

The accused's son, who was at the end of his teens, called emergency services when the official was stabbed. Even the woman's second son was in the residence.

Ambulance staff and doctors arrived at the place after a few minutes. They quickly saw that life could not be saved.

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Think it was a necessity

When the case occurred in Oslo District Court, the woman claimed that she had acted in distress. Therefore, she meant she had to be kicked.

Judges could tell the court about several episodes where she had been beaten and threatened by her husband. According to the judgment, not all women's accounts are credible.

"Neither the story like NN broke a glass ball and the defendant never threw or crushed objects is credible. It is particularly clear to the son's explanations that the defendant was the one who used to throw objects and for some reason she threw a glass bowl on television so that it broke, "they say.

Some elements in the explanation to the accused still have some support in the evidence.

"The explanation of the" knife section "2014 is substantiated by the explanation of the witness NN. However, it seems as doubtful if the episode was as scary as accused claims", it appears from the judgment.

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The son became a central witness

According to the woman, it was not meant to kill the man but to get him away. According to the 50-year-old, he has threatened and had a threatening appearance. She must have been afraid of her life when he grabbed her.

The court finds the defendant's statement unreliable. She has questioned something else about the course of events. What is crucial, however, is that the sons in important points have explained differently than their mother.

According to a son, the victim tried to calm the accused. The son saw that the distance between the spouses was about 1 meter and the defendant had a knife in her hand when she waved the 37-year-old. She held her hand with the knife tip forward and the knife blade turned downwards.

The son went back to his room to pick up the phone to call the police when he heard the 37-year-old scream very loudly. Then the son called an ambulance.

"The son ran back to the living room and saw that NN was pushed in the throat. The accused said something like" you're not fucking me, you see what's happening, "they say in the judgment.

200,000 in rebirth

In the sharpest sense, the court has ruled that it is a partner raid – killing a husband in his own home. The murder was carried out by one of the closest to the deceased and in a place where he had reason to feel safe.

In addition to a penalty of 13.5 years, the woman must pay the victim's mother SEK 200,000 in compensation.

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