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Caruana video creates great speculation: – Suspects that they try to fool Carlsen

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Before the Chess World Cup a lot of effort will be prepared. Big teams work hard to prepare the openings that the players will use. There is a lot of secretion about this work.

But now important information about Fabiano Caruana preparations can be made.

Between the third and fourth world cup it seemed to be a video on Youtube. It is produced by Caruanas Chess Club Saint Louis Chess Club. The video is racing – apparently – details of which openings the Caruana team has watched. However, there is doubt about whether the release of the video is a loss or a speculative attempt to mislead Team Carlsen.

Jon Ludvig Hammer, VGTV expert and former second to Magnus Carlsen, describes video leakage as "quite dramatic" for the Caruana camp.

Removed from Youtube

Carlsen published one like video before the World Cup. But important information was the clue.

Caruanas video has now been removed from Youtube. But it has already created great speculation in social media.

Tarjei Joten Svensen, the man behind the chess site, watched the video.

A screen is most interesting. It displays a computer screen with a list of the names of the opening. Among other things, there are "Petroff 4. nc3" and "fianchetto Grünfeld", which are the names of openings.

Jon Ludvig Hammer was an important part of Carlsen's secondary team before the 2013 and 2014 World Cup. He believes the screen could potentially provide important information to Team Carlsen.

– On this screen – in plain text – have some of the opening variables that Caruana has prepared. It's quite dramatic, says Jon Ludvig Hammer to Aftenposten.

– It's just the title of the openings, but titles are often described so you can understand where Caruana has concentrated on his work.

Svensen says that it showed pictures from Caruna's World Cup preparations. Among other things, the team saw the parties from the World Cup match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin. In addition, she must have shown that Caruana was in the board and made movements.

The svensen acknowledged three well-known opening theorists in the video: Leinier Domínguez, Alejandro Ramírez and Ioan-Cristian Chirila – all are great champions. This suggests that the trio is part of the Caruana secondary team.

– Suspects that they make it aware

But is the video really? Or is it a deliberate attempt to mislead Team Carlsen?

Tarjei Joten Svensen is suspected.

– You should not do that. I suspect that there is such a big mistake that you can suspect that they consciously make a hype and stupid Carlsen, "says Svensen.

– Is there anything in this video that may be interesting for Team Carlsen?

"It's an overview of the opening analyzes they've seen. If it's right and it's a mistake they've made, Magnus will be able to avoid the variations on the board.

Ask about what Team Carlsen likes the video, says Chef Espen Agdestein:

– No, I do not want to comment on it.

Team Caruana has not responded to Evening Posts requests on Tuesday morning. It also does not have the Saint Louis Chess Club, which is behind the video.

The fourth part of the World Cup is played Tuesday, from 16 pm Norwegian.

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