Saturday , September 25 2021

Volts is playing part of the Movember campaign

A rigid upper lip will likely do more harm than good for their mental health.

But a hairy upper lip, yes, it can actually help the healing process.

Sports teams in the southern part make their part in raising awareness about both people's and mental problems.

Otago Volt's cricket team grows mustache to help raise money for mental healthcare, while southern American men raise money for men's health as part of the Movember cause.

The Otago Cricket team hopes the humble mustaches they grow during the campaign for a day will help raise awareness of mental problems.

Quick bouncer Michael Rae said the team would do something positive for society and blocked the mustache.

"Ladsna decided to grow mustache during the campaign for one day," Rae said.

"Then we decided that we could try to use it to try to raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

"We chose that charity because mental health is important to everyone, but in cricket and sport, with stress of performance, injury or excitement, which can actually weigh on guys and affect their performance."

The campaign campaign has been called "Mo-dayers" and Rae said that people could give through a Givealittle page.

The team has set a loose goal to try to raise $ 3000 in the five weeks of the tournament.

"For the most part, there has been quite a good purchase from the guys.

"But we have adopted a law policy where you can donate a certain amount and choose if there is any pressure at home from wives and girlfriends."

Southern United also had player collections for the Movember cause and has so far raised $ 1770, not far from the $ 2000 goal.

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