Saturday , September 25 2021

How much does your Amazon Prime Video subscription really cost you?

If you are a New Zealand-based Amazon Prime Video subscriber, you may be interested to know that your US $ 5.99 per month (NZ $ 8.90) is almost one of the cheapest places to get your service, but you get less choice for your buck.

Comparitech made a few watches – of 28 countries analyzed, the Amazon Prime Video can have the largest library size with more than 18,000 titles on offer, but it is also the most expensive of $ 12.99 per month ($ 19.33 per month) .

"The US is the most expensive place to get the Amazon Prime Video, which is likely to be due to not only getting Prime Video as part of this service," explains Comparitech. "You can automatically access their music library, free delivery and various other benefits. But it does not help if you just want to access their library of videos (which is quite extensive)."

New Zealand was ranked sixth for value for money, based on cost per title. For our NZ $ 8.90 per month, the average cost per title is USD 0.00126 – but we only get a choice of 416 TV shows and 4321 movies. The choice is a bit limited compared to other countries.

Over in Australia, it's a bit of a similar story: It's ranked fifth for value for money (based on cost per title). The average cost per title is US $ 0.0100 and for AU $ 6.99 (A7.47), Aussies get a selection of 428 TV shows and 4512 movies.

Keep in mind that the Australians are charged in local currency while kiwis are charged in US dollars, so New Zealand's Amazon Prime Video service is actually more expensive than Australia.

Save a thought for them in places like Switzerland, South Korea, Russia and Latvia. For EUR 5.99 (NZ $ 10.02) Latvier gets a choice of only 175 TV shows and 595 movies.

So with all these price differences there is a big question that is still unanswered: why are they so different? While we will never ever recognize the idea behind Amazon's pricing structure, Comparitech speculates that the scale distribution could be a major influence.

"Content licensing costs are high, therefore, it seems logical that a country with a smaller subscriber base is likely to mean a higher monthly subscription price or a smaller library (or a combination of the two)," says the company.

To really get the most value for money and a wide range of libraries, you can be more to Britain, where they get 718 TV shows and 10348 movies for GBP 5.99 per month (NZ $ 11.46 per month).

While a move halfway across the world may not be useful to some, at least New Zealanders have a choice of video streaming and video providers to choose from.

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