Tuesday , April 20 2021

Hooper rues bore a penalty against Wales

Cardiff – Australia skipper Michael Hooper acknowledges that one was destroyed twice to kick the penalty to go to attack outcomes, as substitute coaches Michael Cheika looked for positive after the team's narrow 9-6 defeat of Wales.

A hard meeting at Cardiff's Prinsdom Stadium on Saturday saw the Wallabies suffer from their eighth loss of the year.

But flyhalf Bernard Foley was twice ordered to kick for touch instead of going to the post early in the second half, with the game fine tuned at 3-3.

Instead of getting a try from the attacked rulers, the Australians came away with nothing after a knock-on and a disturbance.

"If I had my time again I would have gone for the shot, yes," said Hooper after his first loss for Welsh in 10 appearances, a run that coincided with Wales 13-match lost streak over 10 years to Australia.

"But I supported our guys to get the try and keep up.

"Probably my reading of the game was wrong because it would eventually be punished. I should have gone for goals."

Cheika has had an indifferent season as Wallabies coach who won only two of his six Rugby Championship matches and now with just three wins from 11 Tests this season, their winning percentages are the lowest for a calendar year since 1974.

"Our defense was excellent and our energy and effort around the game was really good," said Cheika.

"But we released the build of the pressure we had from our defense by either overturning or losing the ball in dividends."

Cheika dismisses the idea that Australia has lost its wreckage over the Welsh.

"It's irrelevant, it's just about this game, it does not matter what's happening today," he said, and also wondered that Wales would have a confidence boost before next year's Rugby World Cup in Japan where the two The team has been drawn in the same pool.

"I do not believe anyone", he said about any potential moral reinforcement for Warren Gatland's squad.

"My opinion about rugby is that when you get to the game, nobody thinks about what happened 10 years ago, a minute ago you're thinking about what to do for the next 80 minutes in the individual moment."

Week in, week-out rugby was not, he claimed, "like a big game of dominoes".

"You just turn, kick and it's 80, it's an individual moment in itself and it's about who's the best of the day."

Cheika also moved to host troubled Wallaby fans just 10 months from the World Cup.

"All I can do is get the guys to improve on things we did not do well today, and there were not many of them," he said.

"Wales is a good team, ranked third in the world. This was against us.

"It has not always been for us. You have to get it done, you have to understand what you're doing well and improve the things we did not do well today, improve them for next week and get a profit so if people lose faith get some of it back with a good performance next Saturday. "

Hooper was also busy and said: "There is a lot to play for us, 14 matches from a final next year (at the World Cup)."

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